January 19, 2017
Intelligent automation: Connecting people with technology
By: Christian van Bochove
Intelligent automation: Connecting people with technology

Intelligent automation uses digital technology to enable the rapid analysis of data and the automation of daily activities in conjunction with people. It’s like superheroes. The combination of humans and technology is more than the sum of its parts—together, they make “super” powers.

Oracle provides a number of building blocks for intelligent automation, including its Platform-as-a-Service offerings and its Engineered Systems, which can analyze huge amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

Take, for example, the “ Connected Hotel Worker
” a solution built by Accenture using various Oracle products. The solution automatically analyzes data from sensors in hotel rooms and wearables worn by hotel employees to automatically make decisions about work. The solution can perform tasks such as adjusting the schedules of employees as situations change. If a guest arrives earlier than expected, for example, the system can adjust work schedules to prioritize the cleaning of that guest’s room. Or, a broken lamp can be reported using a smart watch, reducing the time needed for repair. Overall, the solution helps the hotel meet its guests’ needs and expectations more efficiently, which in turn helps improve service and customer satisfaction ratings.
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Intelligent automation can also apply to the creation of solutions. Accenture automates many of its implementation and development processes, helping to reduce unnecessary delays. We apply automation to a number of the more routine and time-consuming aspects of the work. Thus, like the hotel solution, the technology helps us focus on activities that bring value to our clients. Our approach to creating solutions includes:

  • The Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle (AFPO), which provides pre-configured environments for faster development.

  • Template configurations of Oracle Cloud’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environments, which can be used to rapidly set up of prototypes.

  • CloudConnect tools, which establish a connection between on-premise ERP systems and Oracle’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This automates data migration to the cloud and enables real-time integration between ERP and SaaS functionality.

  • Use of the Oracle Development Cloud Service, which automates deployment, version control management and testing. With this service, Oracle has embraced DevOps principles.

For a wide range of companies, intelligent automation can help everyone focus on the most important, value-added work—and the things that matter most to customers.

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