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Accenture Recruitment
March 22, 2018

Innovation Through Time—What’s Next?


From the first signs of automation during the steam power revolution in 1780, to the advances in technology and AI that are occurring at pace today, innovation has opened a world of opportunities for industry and for careers.

Take a step through time. Our team at the London Innovation Hub highlights what’s possible through the power of technology.


  • 1700s: Manufacturing reimagined. In the late 1700s, steam power opened the door to semi-automatic factories, leading to an increased demand for mass-produced goods.

  • 1800s: Computer analytics. Inventions like the telephone and electricity transformed all aspects of modern life. But the first analytical engine was also invented, and Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, introduced a whole new world of computer concepts.

  • 1900s: Welcome to the ‘net’. Technology in the ‘90s became more complex, impacting everyday life and revolutionizing the world of work. Along with the internet and the world wide web, the concept of artificial technology (AI) was born.

  • 2000s to today: Intelligent connections. Smartphones, connected devices and technologies like 3D printing and blockchain are transforming the way the world works, lives and plays—and they’re evolving every day.

What’s next?
The Accenture Innovation Architecture isn’t staying ahead of the digital curve; it’s inventing it. Using an innovation-led approach, we help clients develop and deliver disruptive innovations, and scale them faster. The overall work experience is being reinvented at all levels. See how you can embrace the future of work to be more adaptive, more relevant.

Through cutting-edge research and strategic partnerships in our labs, studios, innovation centers and delivery centers, we help companies imagine the future and bring it to life. We partner with clients at our Innovation Centers, located strategically across the globe, to motivate, inspire and lead clients into the New.

Join a team that’s changing the way the world works and lives. Find a career opportunity with Accenture.

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Dalel BOUANANI • March 22, 2018

Really interesting and inspiring..thanks for sharing!

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