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June 27, 2019

Innovation Decoded: Technologies Transforming Careers

From artificial intelligence (AI) and big data and analytics to robotics and the industrial internet of things, digital technology is redefining business and entire industries across the globe.

It’s also transforming the way we work.

Our Innovation Decoded podcast series breaks down the cutting-edge innovations transforming careers in an increasingly intelligent world.

1. The Smart
New-car packages allow consumers to customize almost anything, from the engine to the stereo. But what about the seats? In an era of smart, connected everything, the car seat is still about as high-tech as a sharpened stick. Good thing that’s changing. Hear how the humble car seat is getting a makeover, and why that’s part of a larger digital transformation of product development as we know it.

2.Eye-Catching Tech
Where did smart glasses come from and are they going anywhere? Turns out, some are headed to work. Today, wearables are finding new homes in industries, such as aeronautics and automotive, improving manufacturing performance and making for happier and more productive workers. Hear how an aviation leader uses smart glasses to reduce errors in the factory while also transforming its workforce.

3. Tag! You’re Safe
Many know it as the tiny tracker that helps people unlock their doors and find their keys, but RFID has a fascinating origin story. The small but mighty tech actually began as a covert listening device over the airfields of WWII. Today, it’s still being used to save lives—in the manufacturing plant. Hear how RFIDs have taken off since the war and where they’re headed next.

4.AI: The New Ingredient for Growth
Companies in every sector are harnessing the power of innovation to enter new markets and generate growth. But intelligent technology is only part of the equation. In this episode, hear how businesses are using AI, data and analytics to empower employees, shake up current processes and uncover new ways to boost revenue.

5.The Missing Middle: Where AI Gives Humans Superpowers
Superpowers may be the stuff of fiction, but the power of human-machine collaboration is real. In this episode, hear how humans and machines are meeting in a space called the Missing Middle, combining analytics, automation and artificial intelligence, to improve society and save lives.

6. How to Unlock Your Potential
Like people with untapped potential, organizations are also full of value waiting to be unleashed. But surfacing it requires more than just an investment in innovation. In this episode, learn how to unlock trapped value by adopting an approach that is change-oriented, outcome-led and disruption-minded.

Read more about the five technologies needed to grow your career in the digital era.

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