May 07, 2018
Helping clients crack their Industry X.0 code @ Hannover Messe 2018
By: Raghav Narsalay

Over the past few years, Hannover Messe has transformed itself into a global showcase for the digital industrial future. While the lead theme for the "world's biggest industrial fair" in 2017 was Adding Value with Industry 4.0, the theme this year was Integrated—Connect & Collaborate, which focused on the interplay between automation, technology, IT platforms, and artificial intelligence. Digital was indeed on display in 2018, and Accenture was there to help companies understand and crack the code of Industry X.0.

Accenture built a pavilion to demonstrate our Industry X.0 prowess—the technological and strategic capabilities needed to deliver hyper-personalized experiences and create new operational efficiencies that are driving the digital reinvention of industries.

Accenture pavillion at Hannover Messe 2018

The demos at the Accenture Pavilion were a delight to watch. One of the them used gamification to help visitors experience the phenomenon of AI improving its own IQ. Watching another one featuring the "creative design assistant" generate aircraft seat-patterns and textures in line with airline regulations was a joy. And the intelligent robotic manufacturing assistant, leveraging the digital twin to respond to ad-hoc commands while using dynamic route creation and obstacle avoidance, exemplified Accenture's growing prowess at successfully deploying some of the most complex digital technologies to unlock value trapped on complex locations such as shop floors.

The report, Turning Possibility into Productivity was launched as a part of a panel discussion Accenture organized on April 24 titled 'The Rise of Product Reinvention'. Based on a survey of 500 manufacturing companies in six industries across Europe, North America and Asia, this exhaustive research report outlines a four-stage journey for industrial companies to successfully embed artificial intelligence in their products at scale. In addition to this Accenture Research-driven report, we circulated several pieces of thought leadership co-authored by colleagues from Accenture Research and senior Accenture industry and technology leads in the space of cybersecurity, digital twins, and supply-chain excellence.

Besides attending panel discussions and witnessing demos across various pavilions, I also socialized the Industry X.0 diagnostic tool developed by Accenture Research with senior Accenture leaders. This diagnostic assesses the IX.0 capability readiness of a business. It can also be executed at a unit/division of a business. This diagnostic helps top leadership understand the top-line and bottom-line the business/unit stands to make by investing in IX.0 capabilities. The response was terrific, with many leaders expressing keenness to start using it in client meetings "beginning tomorrow". We even discussed the diagnostic with a client who has now invited Accenture to explore its application at one of its divisions.

I left the Messe grounds on the evening of April 26 with three key takeaways:

  1. Digital is steadily expanding its presence and impact on shop-floors, mines, and in products of companies.

  2. Businesses have only scratched the surface of value creation with digital technologies.

  3. With its ecosystem partnerships and innovation architecture, Accenture is well-placed to unlock new sources of digital value for its clients.

Looking forward to immersing myself in the next Hannover Messe.

Eagerly waiting to pencil dates in my calendar and seeing you there.

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