April 19, 2018
Rewiring India’s growth with Artificial Intelligence: The task moves forward responsibly
By: Madhu Vazirani and Pradeep Roy

In India, we see huge opportunities for AI. And for us personally, we’re especially excited about the potential for it to do great things for society. But given the pace of technology development, it is difficult to anticipate the associated challenges and opportunities we will face in the next decade, never mind many decades from now. We believe policymakers must work together with business and societal groups to manage the challenges associated with AI—or the "transition" through this revolution.

That’s why we were heartened when the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India invited Accenture to present the findings of our report “Rewire for Growth—Accelerating India’s Economic Growth with Artificial Intelligence” at the January 9, 2018 meeting of its Task Force on Artificial Intelligence for Economic Transformation, in New Delhi. The meeting was chaired by the Union Minister for Commerce and Industry, Mr. Suresh Prabhu. It was very encouraging to see our presentation mentioned in the government press release and promoted on social media after the meeting.

Subsequently in March, the report of The Artificial Intelligence Task Force was released. We are pleased to observe that there are several areas of congruence between the recommendations of the AI Taskforce report and our Accenture report:

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Graph that shows the AI Taskforce report takes into consideration Accenture's recommendations.

Graph that shows the AI Taskforce report takes into consideration Accenture's recommendations.

Indeed, the AI Taskforce has taken a comprehensive view on AI research and development, future workforce, international cooperation, enabling policies, standards, and much more. For us, the most fulfilling takeaway is the report’s emphasis on ethics and social safety with Responsible AI—which Accenture has been championing in various ways and forums the world over.

In effect, with Responsible AI, policymakers must do two things at once: manage the risks and fears about the impact of AI on society while encouraging innovation. Despite the ethical and workforce risks of AI being debated in India, there is a far greater risk to economic well-being, citizens’ earning potential, and global competitiveness from inhibiting development of AI. The power of AI starts with people and intelligent technologies working together within and across organizations to create better outcomes for customers and society. Only then could we assure the benefits of AI for India’s inclusive growth.

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