June 09, 2016
Improve your work and personal life with exercise
By: Accenture Recruitment

Fit to Lead

For many busy working professionals, finding time to fit exercise in your schedule can seem like an impossible task. Between work and managing your home and family responsibilities, sometimes it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

In a recent blog article, Accenture Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer Ellyn Shook shares changes she’s made to improve both her life and her work. Disconnecting from digital devices from time to time and getting more sleep were a start, but she knew that she had to be more physically active in order to truly make a difference. So, she enlisted the help of physical trainer Sean Killelea, who offers the following advice to other busy professionals who are trying to push past stress and common exercise excuses:

Get your z’s - Lack of sleep can disrupt hormonal release, hurt your immune system and have negative effects on health. If you’re getting good rest, you’ll have the energy to build in time for exercise.

Make time to exercise - Exercise does not have to be done in one long chunk. 10 minutes of exercise is still 10 minutes more than nothing.

Make it portable - Exercise can be done anywhere - home or hotel - and you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment.

Make it fun - Exercise should not be torture. Find an activity or sport that interests you.

To learn more, read Ellyn’s full blog article here. Do you have any tips or best practices to help you start an exercise routine and/or stay motivated? Share them in the Comments Section below.

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        Sambasiva Rao Kambala • July 26, 2016

        physical activity of any form may do a world of good in the long run.We can change our life style by making a few changes -sitting on floor at home, prefer walking to taking bike or car to grocer's, taking stairs,drinking plenty of water etc. Besides this making any sport or game part of daily routine makes us more active and results in improved productivity.

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        radhashyam nayak • July 26, 2016

        Yes i am doing daily basis yoga to do my work in efficient way with newer technology and looking newer work environment.

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        radhashyam nayak • July 26, 2016

        Yes,I am doing daily basis exercise with yoga but looking newer technology same time to do work better with challenging work environment.

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