February 25, 2016
Will IIOT Improve the IT Job Market? We’re Optimistic.
By: Accenture Recruitment

IIOT Job Market

With all the chatter about artificial intelligence replacing humans in certain job functions and intelligent automation becoming the new co-worker for the digital age, it’s no wonder that some IT professionals are concerned with job growth in their industry. According to the results of a recent Accenture study, however, there’s reason to be optimistic. It turns out that 87 percent of executives believe that the emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) – intelligent products, processes and services – is creating whole new segments of IT jobs.

In fact, Accenture has identified three new job categories that will emerge as a result of IIOT:

Product-Service Hybrid Development: IT professionals working in product-service hybrid development will create intelligent products that produce data for digital services (and often consume those services too) as well as the platforms to develop and test them.

Digital Service Operations: Once they’re developed, intelligent products and digital services will require IT professionals to run and support them.

Solution Sellers and Evangelists: Companies offering Industrial Internet services and products will need sales managers to identify potential customers and sell the new offerings.

Read our recent Outlook article, Why the IIoT Spells Jobs for Information Technology Professionals, to learn more about the three job categories that will be in high demand. Also, take a peek at current opportunities with Accenture.

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