Edward Kaczinski
Managing Director, Technology Advisory Practice, New York
May 01, 2019

How Working End-to-End Gives Your Career Greater Reach

End-to-End Consulting Career

I’m often asked what makes Accenture different from our competitors, and I always say that it is our end-to-end capabilities.

We work seamlessly and connect all the dots on a project in ways that other companies can’t. That also means our people can reach farther to build their networks.

When it comes to helping clients tackle digital disruption, I genuinely feel that we can do anything when we get the right people together. Orchestration across the full Accenture ecosystem—making sure the “right pegs are in the right holes”—is a prime focus for me.

It’s a win-win for our clients and our people, as we grow businesses and careers in the New.

Leading large-scale transformations
My background is in advising on and executing large-scale transformations. This ranges from platform-led transformation or way-of working transformation [i.e., agile] to transformation born out of necessity [i.e., acquisition or divestiture].

I’ve had exposure to the various industries within Accenture, and am currently one of our account leaders for a top client in the consumer goods industry.

On every project, there are opportunities for cross-collaboration. While I work in our Technology Consulting practice, I draw insights from colleagues across the business in Strategy, Digital, Technology and Operations, as well as from our client teams. It all works best when we all understand each other.

How does this work in practice?

Imagine a client wants to redesign a key enterprise solution and add new functional capabilities. My team manages the technology advisory side; think integration with the internal and external ecosystems, and analytics and how to build to take advantage of new technology innovations such as AI.

But, the client would also be wise to keep a focus on the value that thoughtful process redesign could bring. They would need to consider the user base and how to best design for a delightful user experience. And don’t forget that you have to train people (ideally using new, digital tools) and manage the change you will be introducing to your enterprise.

It’s never just about the technology.

Our clients want to figure out ways to unlock value by harnessing technology. We love having the opportunity to co-ideate with our clients, regardless of the technologies in question; SAP is a big part of our Technology Consulting business, as well as Oracle, Salesforce and Workday.

By bringing in complementary talents from different parts of the organization, we’re able to lead the various dialogues and collaborate for the best solutions.

We apply leading-edge technologies to help our clients solve their most complex business challenges, and we help them plan for what happens next.

Global networking opportunities
Being a Technology Consulting orchestrator has certainly helped me develop my own network, all around the globe; the way we’re organized and the way we work together creates opportunities for everyone.

It can be intimidating joining an organization of our size, but the huge global network available at Accenture can offer guidance with career choices and give advice and different perspectives on a specific project. My advice is to always reach out.

In my role as a career counselor, I’m a big advocate that my people should engage with colleagues in functions outside Technology Consulting, and vice versa.

There’s an unwritten rule at Accenture that if someone reaches out to you, you should help. I’ve always found that to be the case. At the very least, there will be someone who will point you in the right direction to talk to the right people.

That’s invaluable in a culture where people are encouraged to shape their own careers.

My career journey in the New
I’ve gained invaluable cross-sector experience at Accenture. I work in the New, not only with large-scale platforms, but also with emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain, advanced analytics platforms and robotic process automation.

I partner with the world’s leading organizations on some of their biggest projects—from technology integration programs for a major hospitality acquisition to helping lead a multinational corporation toward transforming their entire digital technologies organization in nearly every region of the world.

At every step of my journey, I’ve called on colleagues from across the business for help in navigating the opportunities, and I’ve never been disappointed. We all help each other; I’m grateful to those that have been there for me, and I hope others feel the same way about me.

Guide the world’s leading companies on their journey to digital disruption—and your career into the New. Find your fit with Accenture Consulting.

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