Mish Fletcher
Managing Director, Marketing & Communications, Accenture Interactive
March 01, 2019

How to Survive and Thrive in Digital Disruption

How to Survive and Thrive in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is everywhere. From the homes we live in, to the cars we drive and the stores we shop, there’s little in our daily lives that’s not impacted by digital technology.

When it comes to the world of work, how do you not only survive but thrive in the age of disruption?

We’ve created the ultimate guide.

The Digital Transformation Playbook, co-created in collaboration with Adweek, the leading source of news, insight, and community for marketers, is a 12-month content series, with each month dedicated to a different aspect of transformation and packed with stats, insights, ideas and unique perspectives.

Below are some of the top takeaways from the first six issues, featuring input and insights from industry experts, reporting from the talented Adweek editorial team and the latest thinking from Accenture Interactive’s bright and brilliant leaders.

Silence is key to customer loyalty
The time has come for brands to rethink how they engage; consumers are beginning to realize the benefits of silence and are reclaiming the headspace they’ve lost to the digital din by resetting boundaries and unsubscribing. In conjunction with the release of Fjord’s 2019 Trends Report, Accenture Interactive Managing Director Tanarra Schneider makes the case for brand silence and earning the right to engage. “Quieting down, listening and genuinely considering the needs and well-being of customers is the new path to loyalty,” she says.

The future of B2B marketing: Partnerships, MarTech and data-enhanced creative
While 90 percent of B2B sales executives now believe digitally driven customer experience is crucial to their companies’ strategic priorities, most B2B marketers only feel on par with their competitors in what they deliver. “Organizations finding success in b-to-b marketing’s new wave will be those that invest in new partnerships, data-informed creative and cutting-edge mar tech,” says Accenture Interactive Managing Director Jason Michaels.

The future belongs to CMO Collaborators
The role of the Chief Marketing Officer is morphing just as fast as the industry itself. Is the CMO the chief experience officer, the chief growth officer, the chief customer officer and the chief facilitation officer? The answer, of course, is yes.

Companies need to employ CMOs who can work across departments to find synergies and foster co-creations of all kinds. “Reorienting an organization’s entire culture around the customer experience may require a radical shift for these companies and the CMO collaborator is the leader of this turnaround effort,” notes our North American Marketing Lead, Jeannine Falcone.

To art from science: Reshape the customer experience
“In a thrilling shift for creatives, human beings and our values are beginning to overtake technology as the focus of digital transformation,” says our Brand Creative Lead, Peter Kang. “This moment not only presents the opportunity to shine creatively but to infuse meaning, compassion and consideration into people’s lives.”

A few words of advice for creatives during this next chapter of digital innovation:

• Remember, big ideas can come from anywhere.
• Get to know your creative partner.
• Never stop learning.
• Focus on inspiring people.

Foster human connections through a connected ecosystem
Building enduring relationships starts with a customer-centric mindset and a humanized platform. Our North American Head of Delivery, Deb Corrao, shares five principles to keep in mind when designing such a platform. Ensure it is: (1) equipped with a single view of the customer; (2) simple and consistent; (3) omnichannel by design; (4) secure, stable and reliable; and (5) seamlessly integrated.

To retain customers, brands must find their identity with voice technology
Whether it’s in the form of instant messaging or voice-user interfaces, conversation is becoming an ever-present part of the experience chain. “Conversational and compassionate interactions will become an expected part of the customer journey,” Accenture Interactive Managing Director Bronwyn van der Merwe says.

Brands unprepared to weave brand voice and identity to create meaningful customer interactions will risk appearing tone-deaf and robotic—or left out of the conversation entirely.

View the entire Digital Transformation Playbook library.

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