June 21, 2016
How to spoil a good idea
By: David Pyke

Mary Kelly and Manuel Mendez work together at a large and complex assembly plant. After several years of frustration with missing parts, production line shutdowns, inventory stored in unauthorized locations, and stalled lean manufacturing initiatives, they finally identified an exciting solution—a program called a plan for every part (PFEP). A PFEP is a database that contains all the relevant information about every part used in a factory. PFEPs have helped firms find missing parts, reduce transportation costs, optimize inventory, streamline materials handling, and even standardize packaging. One of the greatest benefits is enhancing a firm’s ability to implement lean manufacturing and lean materials handling.

As Mary and Manuel came to understand PFEPs in detail, they investigated the process of implementing a PFEP program, and what they found out was sobering. Manuel learned from several of his friends from graduate school that they had failed miserably in their attempts to implement a program. Likewise, Mary spoke with a former colleague who took over a year trying to implement a PFEP at his company, only to have them pull the plug. Mary and Manuel were convinced about the potential benefits of a PFEP for their company, however, and they were determined to spend the time required to do it right.

The consultant or leader who wants to successfully implement a PFEP and achieve its many benefits must understand how to go about the process. He or she needs to know the key members of the implementation team, the team’s leadership roles, and the steps to successful implementation.

Does your organization see the value of a PFEP? Does it have a detailed plan for implementing one? Does it understand who should be involved, what steps the team should take, and in what order they should take them? The Overview of a Plan for Every Part (PFEP) Implementation, Data Requirements for a Plan for Every Part (PFEP) Implementation, Managing a Plan for Every Part (PFEP), and Pitfalls and Keys to Successful Implementation of a Plan for Every Part (PFEP) courses can help you navigate a successful implementation of PFEP.

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