Andrew Sinclair
Managing Director, Technology Strategy, Denver, Colorado
August 23, 2018

How to Find Balance as a Technology Strategy MD

In any partnership, whether it’s personal or professional, success is about balance. In a marriage where each spouse is dedicated to a high-level career, achieving that balance can be a challenge—but not an insurmountable one.

Dedication and compromise
My role as a Managing Director in Accenture’s Technology Strategy practice is certainly challenging. I’m rotating from client to client, leading multiple six-to-eight-week projects and traveling extensively. But my wife’s job as an attorney is equally, if not more, demanding. We are both dedicated to our work, and we support each other to make it work.

It’s about finding the balance that works for us. One of many advantages of working at Accenture Strategy is the work-location flexibility. We live in Denver, Colorado, in the middle of the U.S., an area that suits both our personalities and offers plenty of outdoor activities on our doorstep. I can be very fluid in meeting the needs of clients, and the city is a great fit for my wife’s career.

Flying solo, but together
It’s also a huge bonus if your careers can dovetail at some point. A few years into my Accenture career, both my wife and I started looking for something different. For me, that opportunity came through Accenture Development Partnerships, and we spent a year in Nairobi.

I was keen to experience Accenture Strategy’s work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and emerging markets governments. On this project, I had the opportunity to lead Accenture teams on the ground as well as advise on many digitization projects, with the aim of providing an IT roadmap that would benefit Kenyan citizens.

My wife left a New York law firm to come with me to Nairobi, where she ended up advising the legislative and other non-governmental bodies on constitutional law matters. It was a big shift: I was used to advising global investment banks in Manhattan, and now there I was, diving into a digital project to improve health care at one of the largest hospitals in Africa!

I had to tweak my skillset for this project, and my wife and I had to adjust to the new environment. It was a great experience for both of us to take in a new culture.

Constantly learning, continuously leading
Adapting and finding the right balance are important attributes for a Managing Director at Accenture, or an executive-level position at any company. You must be really good at navigating client relationships, adapting to their territory and understanding their desired outcomes. It’s not always easy to look beyond day-to-day challenges, but my role is to help clients be even better at what they do.

It’s vital to be at the leading edge of technological thinking and trends. I’m constantly learning, but that’s not an end itself; what counts is how you apply the knowledge you gain.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area that excites me because the potential impact and speed of adoption could be as great as any transformation the digital world has seen. I’ve written white papers on AI under the Accenture banner, and I enjoy being able to share my learnings and expertise with others.

Collaborating and coaching for success
As a Managing Director, I have frontline responsibility for leading and growing the practice, selling work to clients and making sure we’re delivering impactful work every day. I enjoy mentoring and coaching my team, making sure people progress down the path that suits their talents and engaging across diverse teams.

Our Accenture teams are extremely collaborative, and it’s great both meeting new people on a project or rekindling acquaintances from years back.

My role is quite intensive, but it’s very rewarding too. I always have milestones to aim for and finding the right balance to reach them keeps me focused.

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