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April 16, 2015
Highlights from the eyeforpharma Barcelona Conference
By: Jeff Elton Ph.D.

From Accenture Strategy for Life Sciences

Pharma’s key players join to discuss how they can drive better patient services and engagement.

Accenture recently attended the 2015 eyeforpharma conference in Barcelona. The conference theme was heavily focused this year around engaging the patient, emphasizing pharma’s increased momentum of interest in patient services and how pharma may better deliver a more patient centric approach. In addition, there were strong contributions around sales excellence and multi-channel marketing.

Accenture’s workshop “The Shift to Value-based Healthcare and Driving Value through Patient Services” hosted by myself and Mark Fisher, was the most attended workshop by our pharmaceutical partners. As an expansion on my recent eyeforpharma article, the workshop discussed the shift of the healthcare environment from “Volume” to “Value”, and the requirement of a fully integrated approach where life sciences companies work with other healthcare stakeholders (e.g. physicians, nurses, payers) to build outcome-based services supporting the patient throughout their patient journey. Some of the highlights include:

  • A quick survey of workshop participants showed they were evenly split on their company’s current position on patient services, with 40% agreeing they were “patient-centric” and 44% disagreeing. Where patient services were provided, 74% said they focused on the treatment part of the patient journey only.

  • An introduction of key findings from Accenture’s 2015 patient survey which showed patients are looking for guidance and support from the beginning of their journey, with 65% of patients finding pre-treatment to be the most frustrating period. There is also the opportunity to collaborate with busy healthcare professionals, to whom 85% of patients look for information to manage their condition, as 57% of patients also cite digital channels as a top source of information.

  • A Workshop participants took these messages into account in the break-out discussions, where ideas were generated for interactive services spanning the entire patient journey from pre-diagnosis to maintaining their condition.

The conference overall focused on how life sciences companies were seeking to better understand the needs of the patients and translate these into high value digital tools and integrated services benefiting the patient first and foremost, and the healthcare system overall. Eyeforpharma brought in a panel of chronically ill patients to interact with the different speakers from a different perspective, sharing what they saw as truly useful in improving their quality of life. These include:

  • A Patient outcomes should be the key driver

  • A Developing key partnerships

  • A Enabling change

We look forward to participating in and sharing our insights from other Eyeforpharma events in the future.

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