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December 15, 2015
Highlights from 2015 Veeva European Commercial Summit
By: Ian Talbot

Focus themes and topics for this year’s summit included customer engagement, customer interaction content and operational excellence.

It was our pleasure to attend the 2015 Veeva European Commercial Summit, on December 2-4, 2015, in Barcelona. Attended by life sciences professionals and Veeva experts, the summit provides attendees an opportunity to learn, connect and share valuable insights regarding industry trends and best practices in the life sciences sector. Accenture has been a long-standing partner with Veeva and this year, as usual, had a significant presence at the summit.

The focus themes and topics for this year’s event included:

  • Customer engagement.

  • Customer interaction content.

  • Understanding your customer.

  • Implementation success.

  • Operational excellence.

  • Medical affairs.

Related to these themes, we saw increasing attention on innovation in the digital space, including the use of multi-channel information to serve customers better, digital enablement of the sales force and new approaches to providing relevant digital content to customers anytime, anywhere.

During the summit John Pugh and I presented on how to achieve operational excellence by driving customer engagement. Our session highlighted industry challenges, gave real life examples of how our clients are stepping up to meet these challenges and offered three ways companies can differentiate themselves as we reach a pivot point—over 50 percent of healthcare professionals are now “digital natives,” having grown up in a digital world.

We also discussed how Accenture and Veeva Vault are helping clients deliver relevant content across their preferred digital channels at a global scale while maximizing efficiencies for content reuse and process simplification. While many businesses have multi-channel capabilities, few have truly integrated all digital channels into a single customer view—that’s where the Veeva network comes into its own. With Veeva Vault, Accenture can help clients create a single view of the customer and derive the insights required to be truly customer focused.

Finally, we spoke about our vision of a truly customer-focused analytical operating model. Organizations have traditionally used internal metrics to drive their business—based on customer call rates and product sales. The next high performers will be those that pivot around the customer. More than just creating customer-focused KPIs, successful businesses will be those that reorganize their organizational structures and business processes to prioritize customer engagement.

This year’s conference was a great opportunity for us to meet current clients and introduce them to potential new clients. Nothing has more impact than a happy client testimonial! If you would like to connect with either John or myself to talk about these ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To learn more about the Veeva Commercial Summit, visit the Veeva website.

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