February 06, 2017
The new healthcare landscape: More than an evolution
By: Jim Traficant


Healthcare is in the midst of a transformation with an accelerating pace of change. National priorities are driving big industry shifts. Payers and providers are converging. Changing payment structures are driving regionalization and consolidation. Retail and banking giants are now entering healthcare. The result is a shift from episodic care to health management, from provider-centric to consumer-centric, from traditional care venues to care delivered where we live and work.

All these trends first emerged in federal health and are playing out in the private sector. The continuing transformation of healthcare will unfold through federal—and Accenture Federal Services is positioned to lead with our industry expertise, visionary clients, and insight-driven business and mission solutions.

As a two-time liver transplant survivor, I’ve experienced first-hand the strengths and challenges of the healthcare system. Healthcare has lots of data. What’s missing is information. Accenture’s mission is to catalyze data into information to drive clinical and business transformation. We want to revolutionize the way our clients and the country solve for healthcare cost, quality, and access to benefits and services.

I’m both proud and thankful to be part of our amazing team with our shared passion to make a difference for our citizens, military, veterans, their families—and ours. We’re on a mission to deliver the transformation our clients aspire to achieve and Accenture can uniquely deliver.

Join the R/Evolution.

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