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Accenture Recruitment
September 26, 2017

Harnessing the power of AI to hack transformative solutions

Can the power of artificial intelligence (AI) be harnessed to save lives?

As dramatic as that sounds, that’s precisely the idea behind some of the award-winning solutions from our global AI Hackathons—hands-on employee training events spanning 16 hours of collaboration over two days. Teams partner, learn and compete to bring transformative solutions to life.

From helping diabetes patients stay on treatment plans to improving internal processes that increase productivity, teams are limited only by their imaginations.

Our latest AI Hackathons had three goals in mind:

  • AI4Clients Hackathon focused on prototyping AI applications for client problems across various industries. Approximately 700 employees participated in 32 locations around the world. The first-place winning team developed an assisted-living AI solution to increase the quality of life of elderly people living alone. Congrats to the CIO Dublin Dockers team, led by senior manager David Byrne, on winning the most recent hackathon:

    “AI technology is changing and advancing at a massive rate, and often, the individual advances can be combined together to produce solutions that previously were just not possible. It is exciting to be able to use these advances to help those in society that need it most, such as the elderly. Here at the Dock, we design for human experiences. We are passionate technologists and we love what we do—we really enjoyed applying our technical and creative skills to build a solution for the hackathon that would make life better and safer for elderly people.”

    David Byrne, Software Engineering Senior Manager

  • AI AI4Good Hackathon focused on how AI technologies can be used to improve society and how people work and live. The winning team that was voted most-innovative developed an AI solution to help homeless people find food, shelter and healthcare facilities.

  • Inside Hackathon challenged our people to apply AI technology to improve one or more internal Accenture processes, such as recruiting or staffing of people with specific skills to client projects. Nearly 1,000 employees, divided into teams competed in 38 cities around the world. The first-place winning team used AI to automate the expense reporting process, reducing production time by 40 percent.

Our AI Hackathons allow Accenture technology professionals at all skill levels gain unique opportunities to learn, hone and master the fast-evolving skills needed to serve clients’ digital needs. AI skills are not a prerequisite. Rather, we expect our people to bring a desire to learn about AI and how it can help overcome challenges. Learn more about the innovative work Accenture is leading in AI.

Are you ready to solve tough challenges? If you can dream it, you can create it with an Accenture Technology Career.

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radhashyam nayak • September 29, 2017

Hi Team, AI is the part of business that client people going to implement in future using new requirement it is not going to replacement of any technology. Regards Radhashyam

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