March 11, 2016
Good packaging is music to the ear
By: Pierre A. David

You work as the procurement manager for a company that distributes musical instruments in the United Kingdom. At a trade show in the United States, you meet a potential supplier from India that makes xylophones at an attractive price. These instruments might complement your current line of entry-level instruments. You ask the company to provide a few samples so you can convince your management team to carry these products.

However, when the products arrive, you quickly realize there is a problem: the xylophones arrived in their retail packaging, and the scuffed boxes are essentially unsalable. After opening them, you also discover one of the xylophones is damaged beyond repair.

You understand that this mishap may be due only to the inexperience of the supplier, as the manager you met at the show told you it was the company’s first international trade show and that you were its first overseas customer. Since your management is enthusiastic about the addition to the product line, you realize it is your responsibility to coach this supplier.

You need to address a number of questions, including:

  • What type of packaging is the best alternative for the supplier?

  • Who will pay for this packaging?

  • What risks do the shipments face? Can proper packaging alleviate those risks?

As the procurement manager, you know it is your responsibility to find answers to these issues so that future shipments arrive in salable condition. Most importantly, you have to make sure you find the most appropriate solution for this supplier so your company has access to the xylophones in time for the busy holiday season and the high demand you anticipate.

How well does your company understand its packaging practices, the opportunities to improve your current system, and the advantages of greening your packing materials? The Accenture Academy course Determining Effective International Packaging Practices allows you to compare the different packaging options available to a company shipping internationally. It also explains the factors that lead to a particular choice of packaging, identifies the challenges presented by international transportation, and stresses the repercussions of an inadequate choice.

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