May 19, 2017
Global Teaming for Innovative Tech Solutions
By: Catarina A., Senior Manager, Accenture Technology, Brazil

Catarina is an Application Services Solution Architecture Lead with more than two decades of technology experience at Accenture. She shares what she loves about technology, international teamwork and mentoring others.

I started working with technology at age 17, and it was love at first sight. The ability to transform and scale the things I made created in me a feeling that anything is possible, and that what doesn’t exist can be created.

It’s a fantastic feeling to present our clients with innovative ideas and solutions to their real-world pain points. I’ve seen the results of my work in many places. It makes me proud when I use a product designed and delivered by our team, like the internet banking solution I use daily, which Accenture developed for a major Brazilian bank.

It's been 25 years since I began working here, and I still look at this company with the greatest admiration because of the way we work and support each other globally. My team and my global colleagues collaborate with diverse groups across different cultures and bring out the best in each other. It's amazing to be able to ask for and receive help from a stranger on the other side of the world.

Recently, my team worked on a client RFP related to analytics, and we wanted to personalize our proposal. I sought out an Accenture analytics leader based in Europe. I’d never spoken to him before, but I emailed anyway to ask if he could make a video about analytics with a personal message to the client. It arrived the next day, and we used it in our successful presentation. Isn’t that fantastic?

In keeping with the spirit of professional generosity, I like to work with new technology professionals to help them develop their skills and knowledge. As a working parent of two children, one of whom has special needs, I also mentor colleagues on balancing family life with rewarding careers.

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        Vilma Castro • May 23, 2017

        I enjoyed your article, Catarina! I'm a SharePoint Senior Consultant in the Chicago area, and I'm interested in adding a Global dimension to my career. I recently spoke to someone who works with clients in South America in the IoT area. He had recommended Accenture as a firm who works in system integrations in this continent. I've attempted to do research on it, but I'm lost in the vast Accenture sea! Q1. What are job titles to work with South American clients and/or teams? Q2. Where would you start your research if you were me? Thanks lots for any feedback you may provide!

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