April 04, 2019
Global logistics: Facilitating a global economy
By: Brent Williams

Is there an app for that?

Visibility and transparency have started to permeate most aspects of our lives. Consider how much visibility your smartphone provides to personal life. Using a few well-conceived apps, you can find the real-time location of everyone in your family, check on what your childhood best friend has been doing today, and map your way to your next appointment. The visibility you now have into your personal life does not necessarily reduced the complexity of your life but does make it easier to manage.

Global supply chains are quite complex. Today’s multinational companies run supply chains that stretch across the world. Suppliers and manufacturing facilities are located in multiple countries and serve markets throughout the world. The logistics required to manage these operations are even more complex. Many types of service providers are needed to navigate freight across borders and from one side of the globe to the other. So, how does a global logistics manager manage the complexity? Is there an app for that?

As you might expect, there is not exactly an app that manages the complexities of your global logistics. So, what can you do? First and foremost, you must understand your own global supply chain and how goods flow through it. Next, it is critical to utilize the right logistics partners to maximize the value of your supply chain. And finally, you need to recognize how current trends and emerging technology may affect your logistics operations in the future.

Are you regularly considering how to best utilize the different types of logistics service providers available? Are you looking ahead at which trends and technologies will bring significant change to your global logistics operations? The Accenture Academy courses Components of Global Logistics, Trends in Global Logistics, Service Providers for Global Logistics, and Impact of Technology on Global Logistics will help refresh your global logistics knowledge and present trends and technologies that can make a difference going forward. While there is not an app that can singularly make your global logistics easier to manage, arming yourself with the right knowledge is a great first step.

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