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May 27, 2014
Getting to Industrialization: Introducing an API Maturity Model
By: Teresa Tung

Success in the digital world isn't just about enabling access through APIs; it also requires an industrialized model to deliver and evolve differentiated APIs at the speed and scale needed to capture new opportunities. API Industrialization describes a set of technologies for publishing APIs with the efficiency, agility, and scale needed to compete in the digital world.

When the number of APIs is small and the use cases are well-known (as when supporting a few internal apps), an industrialized program may not seem necessary. But quickly as API use opens up and more APIs are created, organizations will require a more industrialized model to properly measure and deliver success. Achieving an industrialized API program requires balanced maturity across the dimensions of Strategy & Governance, Architecture, Development Process, Developer Community, and Optimization.

API industrialization requires maturity in both business and technical dimensions. Capability in one without the other will not lead to success – without business dimensions the API program will be unable to identify relevant opportunities, and without technology dimensions the API program cannot mobilize with the efficiency and scale needed to capture the opportunities.

Based on our experience with implementing API programs, Accenture Technology Labs developed an API Maturity Model that identifies and assess the stages of maturity through these dimensions and helps organizations measure their current progress and plan their next steps of the API journey.

We are pleased to launch a live version of our API Maturity Model for exploring the steps of this journey. We invite you to assess these steps against your organization’s goals via a self-assessment (takes up to 60 minutes to complete fully).

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