Rose Zhang
Technology Consultant, APAC
April 10, 2018

Get in the Driver’s Seat of Your Career

I never pictured myself in the driver’s seat of my own career. The funny thing is, before joining Accenture, I always thought someone else would determine how my career would turn out.

Corporate culture is often portrayed as a dog-eat-dog world, but I’m pleased to say that Accenture is refreshingly different, and more importantly, it’s human. No kidding, here’s why.


When I joined Accenture, I wanted to improve my skills in predictive modelling, data strategy and digital analytics. But, I didn’t know how I was going to achieve it or who was going to help me. Six months later, I realized my goal. I was surprised by how quickly it happened. It was all thanks to an exciting project and an amazing team. Everyone has respect for each other, no matter the career level.

The cherry on top? My manager is fully supportive and encourages me to expand my horizons.

Because of my interest in data, modelling and analytics, I was encouraged to join a project with a client in the telecommunications business. We’re helping them deliver more tailored customer service using social media listening and insights from data analytics. In this way, we can create hyper-personalized products and experiences.

This experience has been invaluable. I find it fascinating to be part of clients’ data transformation journeys, because I can see the real-life impact; I can picture myself as both the customer and the client delivering the service. Having the freedom to join projects that meet my personal goals really makes me feel like I’m in the driving seat of my career.

Part of what’s awesome about being a technology consultant at Accenture is the opportunity to connect with other professionals in my field from across the world. Once a month, I participate in a digital community of practice meeting where I engage with my peers on a more senior level and share ideas, advice and best practice on how to succeed in the business. It’s really like a support group. I value the feedback I get from my colleagues in countries such as India, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S.

One of the women in the forum, who also happens to be my manager, shared a story about her experience after she got promoted. Initially, she thought she’d need to adopt a more conventional leadership style. However, she quickly learned that she didn’t need to conform—she was free to be herself. After all, that’s the reason why she’s where she is today. From that story, I learned that it’s important to be authentic and true to yourself. At Accenture, you can be in control of your own career, and you can be yourself throughout it all. Now here’s a place to feel at home.

Join us and take charge of your career path. Find an opportunity with Accenture.

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