March 12, 2014
Explore the company genome project with Sector Explorer!
By: Michael Balint

Can you name some organizations similar to Accenture? How about Google? Y Combinator?

Finding related companies can be a trivial exercise if you are looking for a handful of obvious results, but it can be quite a chore if you are trying to be more exhaustive! Enter Sector Explorer. Accenture Technology Labs built Sector Explorer because we are constantly in search of companies operating in interesting technology areas. We wanted a tool which allowed us to visually explore market sectors and discover new organizations to connect our clients with.

Using Sector Explorer is simple! Enter a company in the search box and a force diagram of related companies will pop up on the screen. Each node represents a company; each edge represents a similarity affinity. The larger the company node, the more employees it has; the thicker the edge line and the closer company nodes are together, the more similar they are. Clicking on company nodes will expand the graph to find more related companies (added in a new color). If you expand the graph, we detect strong connections between groups of companies by coloring the edges between them in red.

Screen Shot

Visualizing related companies in this manner not only allows us to discover new companies - it allows us to understand entire market sectors and can even lead to identification of whitespace areas.

This visualization wouldn’t be possible without the smart similarity metrics derived by DataFox. Their algorithms aggregate and analyze millions of data points to track, score, and rank over 350,000 private and public companies, allowing users to discover new investment opportunities, maintain a real-time understanding of prospective and current portfolio companies, and identify industry trends and patterns.

We’re excited to share Sector Explorer with you… give it a whirl!

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