September 07, 2017
Generation Z: Ready, Willing and Able to Enter the Workforce
By: Accenture Recruitment

There’s a new kid on the block: The Generation Z worker. They’re just graduating from college, and they’ve learned a thing or two from their Gen X parents and millennial older siblings. So what does that mean as they enter the workforce?

This next generation of workers is made up of true digital natives who grew up with devices in their hands. They’re comfortable with all things tech, and they’re committed to ongoing learning to keep up with the latest innovations. Working side by side with automation and AI will be an exciting opportunity rather than a reluctant (but necessary) partnership.

Accenture’s latest report, Gen Z Rising, shows us that Gen Z-ers are also entering the workforce a little more work-ready than generations before them, with a large minority having completed an internship or apprenticeship prior to graduating. Compared to millennials, there is a return to a more practical, traditional mindset with this group, as they seek a strong career path that offers mentoring and a personalized, challenging experience—and the competitive compensation they know they deserve. They’re more inclined to seek employment with (and commit to) larger companies, who can provide the coaching and support they seek on their path to career success.

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