Kevin Feng
Kevin Feng
Technology Strategy Consultant, Chicago, Illinois
October 10, 2018

Future-Proof Your Career with Data and Analytics

Data Analytics

In today’s world, having a firm grasp on data and analytics is useful in many careers—but in Technology Strategy, it’s essential.

I honestly believe that Accenture Strategy leads other firms in the application of data in our work with clients. Because we innovate for clients across so many different industry sectors and across so many service offerings, we have an exceptional trove of data to support analytics, diagnostics and assessments.

Leading the way with data and analytics not only puts us in a unique position to offer our clients educated insights; it also presents incredible learning and upskilling opportunities to future-proof your career. But how do you keep your skillset fresh in the New?

Learning is three-dimensional.
From my experience, the best learning approach is three-dimensional, starting with a foundation of formal courses. Accenture Strategy offers unrivaled opportunities to keep up to speed with the latest innovations in data and analytics. Since I’ve been with Accenture, I’ve had the opportunity to learn real-time data ingestion and predictive monitoring via Splunk, machine learning and sentiment analysis in R and dynamic data visualization and dashboarding in Tableau.

The next step is to continually hone your skillset through practice and collaboration with passionate peers and experts. To that end, our Accenture Strategy team has recently launched a joint initiative with Accenture Applied Intelligence to mobilize and enable a new generation of analytics-powered strategies.

Our aim is to create the largest and most advanced analytics capability in the world, enabling us to build strategic cases on top of our Accenture Insights Platform.

The more you interact, the more you learn.
On top of these formal programs, exposure through day-to-day project relationships are key. We’re frequently supported on projects by data scientists and researchers, which gives us broad exposure to the world of applied analytics. It’s definitely a case of the more you interact, the more you learn, and I always encourage people to grow their network beyond their immediate “work family”.

And finally, there’s learning from an industry perspective. In addition to harnessing our vast cross-industry datasets, we leverage industry-specific data to bring more targeted insights to our clients. I work predominantly in the health care sector with a focus in enterprise technology transformations, where investments in new technologies must be justified by business value and ROI.

To use health care payers as an example, our data-driven use cases range from ingesting claims data to identify addressable technology improvement opportunities, to analyzing patient utilization data to prioritize features for care management solutions, to assessing cost of care and business cases for value-based reimbursement technologies.

For each of these, familiarity with health care-specific data fields and data schemas is critical to the effective application of analytics to strategy. Understanding how a particular industry works can impact how you best meet a client’s needs.

You don’t need to be an expert already.
Continuous learning is embedded in our culture at Accenture Strategy. I’m learning more each day through project work, brainstorming with peers and by gaining insights from other Accenture practice areas.

And with innovative technologies and techniques coming through the pipeline each day, we are all constantly refreshing our knowledge and growing as data-driven strategists. The most successful people are those that embrace learning and hungrily digest information.

The system is there to support your learning, and if you have that hunger to learn independently, the sky’s the limit. You might be surprised just how quickly your expertise grows.

Want to future-proof your strategy career? There are no limits to what you can learn when you join the Accenture Strategy team.

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