January 27, 2017
The Future Is Here, and It’s Putting People First
By: Accenture Recruitment

The future is today. The next wave of digital experience will be driven by human behavior; is your career path positioning you as a leader in the latest innovation conversation?

Through research and insight into the technology infrastructure of some of the world’s top companies across 40 industries, the minds behind Accenture’s major innovations have developed this year’s Accenture Technology Vision.

The vision highlights five emerging technology trends shaping the latest digital landscape. There’s a central focus on what’s really key: developing “technology for people,” based on what we need to simplify and enhance our everyday lives.

Accenture's 2017 Key Technology Vision Trends:

1. AI Is the New YOUI: Experience Above All. Artificial intelligence (AI) is moving from the back to the front seat—literally. It will no longer be just a tool in play on the back end of a company’s operations.

2. Ecosystems as Macrocosms: Unleash the Power of US.New digital ecosystems are forming, as companies increasingly integrate their central infrastructure with that of third parties.

3. Open-Talent Marketplaces: Invent Your Future Workforce. Kids, it’s definitely not your mama’s workplace anymore. The future of workplace structure is here and now, and it’s evolved in every way.

4. Design for Humans: Inspire New Behaviors. People used to adapt as new technology came along; now, technology is adapting to people.

5. The Uncharted: Invent New Industries, Set New Standards. In the new landscape, companies are no longer focused solely on developing and selling products and services; they’re shaping new digital industries.

Every aspect of the world is in a constant state of change, and the true leaders of that evolution—in the digital landscape and beyond—are embracing the “people first” mindset. This is a conversation you’ll definitely want to be a part of.

Read more about the Technology Vision 2017.

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    Accenture Recruitment • February 6, 2017

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    HaithamAbdelaty • February 4, 2017

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    KOYALINA MAJUMDER • February 4, 2017

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