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June 30, 2016
The future of customer engagement in this disruptive digital age
By: Anne O'Riordan

It was our pleasure to be the exclusive diamond sponsor of the Veeva North America Commercial Summit, on June 8-10, 2016, in Philadelphia, PA. Attended this year by 1,200+ life sciences professionals and Veeva experts, the summit is one of the industry’s largest events dedicated to cloud based commercial and medical affairs solutions for the industry.

At this year’s summit, we saw an increased focus on the shift to digital and the overall consumerization of technology. There was a clear shift to leveraging multi-channel capabilities to transform how life sciences and HCPs collaborate to deliver better patient outcomes, with Veeva announcing capabilities in online meetings and online webinars and events. Matt Wallach discussed how ‘content is king’ for the industry and how leveraging content through multiple channels can transform the outcomes for patients and for Life Sciences companies.

I had the unique opportunity to speak to do a keynote to all attendees during the summit’s opening on Thursday morning. I focused on this period of significant socio-economic, scientific and digital change and how it is providing new opportunities and challenges for life sciences organizations to operate in different manners than the past. I referred to our recent High Performance Research which shows the growing access and affordability challenges in the market and how high performing companies are mastering market access to ensure launch success. In addition I referred to our recent book published on the emergence of new business models in the industry and how the move to patient centric, value driven, digitally enabled businesses could transform the way we look at the ways companies survive and thrive moving forward.

Pooja Ojala from our Accenture Interactive group led our breakout session on Thursday afternoon on Differentiating the Customer Experience with Commercial Content. During this session, she shared results from Accenture’s inaugural State of Content survey, Content: The H2O of Marketing, on the attitudes, insights and strategies for creating digital content, now and in the future. Many companies haven’t yet developed effective strategies, or invested in the right resources to harness the true power of content. As we examined the results from an industry perspective, healthcare companies are lagging behind other industries in terms of digital maturity. The tides seem to be turning though as 100% of life sciences respondents predict they will spend more time on operational details then they do today in the next two years. In terms of why content is such a complicated concept for most companies, three reasons stood out: lack of skilled talent, deficiency in technology; and overall process issues.

To ensure long-term sustainability and success of content marketing efforts, marketers, strategists, and technologists across an organization need to seamlessly collaborate, share information, and operate more efficiently while aligning to one comprehensive content strategy. While there is no magic switch that companies can pull to immediately get ahead of the rapidly expanding mass of digital content that marketing departments must manage, they can make a cognitive effort to be a better global content citizen by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Equate content with your company’s most essential asset

  • Think about how you can conserve content

  • Be mindful of the interests of the entire enterprise, not just your own

  • Be focused on quality and measuring the right things

  • Understand that everyone has a stake in success

If you would like to connect with either of us to talk about these ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To learn more about the Veeva Commercial Summit, visit the Veeva website.

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