Tegan Parkes
Tegan Parkes
Recruiting Analyst, Dublin, Ireland
October 18, 2018

From Science to Recruiting: My Unexpected Career Path

From Science to Recruiting: My Unexpected Career Path

Sometimes, it takes keeping an open mind and experimenting with the new and unexpected to find the career path that brings you the most fulfillment.

My passion for trying new things led me down a new path with Accenture, and I couldn’t be happier.

Kicking off my (science?) career
I’ve always been interested in medicine, science, music and art. After obtaining a degree in plant sciences, my initial plan was to develop a career in that field. But rather than create barriers and only look at science opportunities, I kept my options open.

As with science, when it came to my career, I was willing to experiment.

My path to Accenture
Finding my first role at Accenture was a case of being open-minded and flexible to try something different. I wanted to work in a creative, collaborative environment, but I had no idea what to expect from an office setting.

A relative who worked at Accenture thought I was a good fit for an entry-level customer support role in Operations. I started work as a contractor, and the flexibility of knowing there was potentially an end date appealed to me. If the role wasn’t for me, I would have the freedom to pursue another opportunity in no time.

Adapting to the “real world”
Adjusting to work in a corporate setting was easier than I expected. In my role as a customer support agent, I worked on-site with a global technology client. I’m a people person, and the job kept me engaged.

I really enjoyed building rapport with my colleagues, who were all very friendly, down to earth and welcoming. My social circle started to grow, thanks to the range of clubs and activities at Accenture that accelerate relationship building.

Tegan Parkes adapting to the “real world”

A fork in the road
While organizing a corporate quiz charity event, I struck up a conversation with a recruitment manager, who explained the work she did and how it transforms people’s lives. Recruitment is all about connecting with people, helping them find a position that’s engaging and the right fit for their aspirations.

Speaking with her was an “aha!” moment. I just knew this was the right career for me.

I was over the moon when she contacted me after the event, saying she’d noted my passion for working with people. She went out of her way to find an opening in recruitment that would suit my experience level.

Within a few months, I got my lucky break. I started working as a recruitment coordinator, working on international transfers and relocation, contract-to-permanent career changes and key stakeholder requests.

Finding my place
Given I’m an extrovert, I especially like the sense of camaraderie, the continuous learning opportunities and the ability to share my expertise with others.

In my previous role, I managed a lot of internal career moves. I’ve continually built upon the knowledge I learned in that role. My colleagues often ask my advice on handling transfers or contract-to-permanent changes. It’s an environment where everyone collaborates, from entry level to management. We’re encouraged to brainstorm and share ideas. Everyone’s equal; there are no barriers.

Working in a global business is great, mostly because of the people. I enjoy and appreciate the diverse environment. My colleagues teach me their language and traditions from all around the world; they share their food, and they’re full of life and positivity. For me, working at Accenture Operations in Ireland is like a mini-traveling experience.

Best advice I ever received
Prioritize and collaborate—and if you need help, ask for it.

No one is expected to handle things on their own. We’re an innovative, global community who support one another and encourage new points of view. Reach out to others and you’ll get the job done faster and better.

Kick off your career journey with Accenture and see where it takes you. Find your fit with our team.

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