September 14, 2017
Five Ways to Thrive in the Workplace of the Future
By: Accenture Recruitment

There’s no doubt that technology has impacted our lives—but it’s also shaping our jobs. Accenture’s Technology Vision 2017 report shows us the many ways the digital era is transforming the way companies do business. So how can you drive and define your path to success in the workplace of the future?

Here are five ways to thrive in the workplace of the future:

  1. Be agile. Technology innovations are fast-moving, and the rules are continually changing. Get on the train or get left behind. Build the skills necessary to thrive and grow. The new top skills required in the future include digital aptitude, creative thinking and experimentation, data analysis and interpretation and strategy development.

  2. Think big; then, go bigger. In today’s business, you need to focus on more than just the bottom line. It’s important to think holistically, to see a greater value in the big picture and how you fit within it. How does the work you’re doing affect you, your company, your client—and even the world?

  3. Embrace diversity. Traditional work boundaries are disappearing. When the workforce is more diverse, it is more innovative. Embrace and learn about a variety of cultures. Prepare yourself to lead in a diverse environment; be flexible, and adapt your management and communication styles. Accenture’s commitment to inclusion and diversity and gender equality are fundamental to our culture and embedded in our core values.

  4. Learn continuously. In the past, businesses created new products and services; now, they’re shaping new digital industries. Always learn something new. Gain a working knowledge across a variety of technologies to work more effectively with specialists who give a deeper dive into the software, platforms and services you use each day. And don’t forget your “soft” skills. Develop your presentation, communication and project management skills to apply your technical expertise to its fullest.

  5. Partner with the machines. In this digitally connected universe, artificial intelligence (AI) is taking on more sophisticated roles within technology interfaces. Think of it as a partnership between humans and machines; we’re not in competition with automation, but rather using it to enhance our contributions. AI is here to stay—in fact, it’s becoming more commonplace in products and services we use every day—so embrace the opportunities it presents.

Find an opportunity with Accenture and define your own rules for success in the workplace of the future.

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