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May 15, 2015
Five metrics separate high performing biopharma companies
By: Anne O'Riordan

The rapid improvements in growth forecasts for the High Performers reflects their ongoing commitment to a strategic focus on bringing innovative new science to market in key growth therapeutic areas. However, it also reflects their ability to do so in a cost effective way that clearly delivers improved patient outcomes for specific patient segments.

The High Performers in our research distinguish themselves on five important metrics:

High Performer 1

This adaptability is essential given the high cost of innovation and the need for commercial launches to realize their anticipated potential and offset recent falls in operating margins. The wave of M&A and restructuring sweeping the sector is indicative of the rest of the industry following the success of the High Performers. Several operational attributes and capabilities are distinguishing them from the peer group studied:

High Performer 4 

Collaboration means a commitment to finding, partnering and developing the best external and internal science, wherever it arises - academia, biotech or other pharmaceutical companies. This includes having processes to expedite early decision making on choosing the best drug candidates and responding to regulatory changes with strategies to more rapidly and successfully bring differentiated products to market in areas of significant unmet clinical need.

High Performer 3 

High performers have been transforming their business through strategic deals in recent years. Acquisitions, divestitures and partnerships, both large and small, have sharpened their focus and differentiation in high growth segments. They have also committed to continuous operational change to meet the demands of investing for growth.

High Performer 

High Performers demonstrate mastery of new channels geared towards the changing needs and behavior of healthcare professionals and patients. Technology-enabled healthcare professionals increasingly require on-demand information and support to accompany their patient interactions and prescribing decisions. Similarly, patients’ appetite for information and support is almost insatiable. High Performers have become trusted and value-adding information partners through digital channels, and are moving well beyond the pill to provide additional services and technologies, that will help make their products accessible and contribute to improved outcomes at scale.

High Performer 2 

High performing companies bring a portfolio of flexibly priced products tailored to specific patient segment needs. They also carefully plan their development strategies to yield robust outcomes data, clearly differentiating their health economic value in defined patient segments relative to the current standard of care. On top of this, they provide a range of patient services that help patients and healthcare professionals realize these outcomes in practice and at scale. This more focused approach is accompanied with financial assistance that together maximize accessibility and value to payers.

For examples on how the High Performers are using these attributes to benefit their patients, please read our latest High Performance Business Research: Turning Science Into Value: Biopharmaceutical Companies That Focus on Patient Outcomes are Finding Commercial Success.

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