January 18, 2017
The first-day first impression: Showing your best side
By: Accenture Recruitment

You did it — landed your dream job. Or, at least, a job that’s better than your last and will pave the way for your dream job. Now it’s time to focus on making a great impression on your new boss and coworkers, even on that first day.

Your first day is filled with the boring details of being a new hire: filling out paperwork, taking a tour of the building, saying hi to a bunch of people whose names you won’t remember, figuring out how to set up your voicemail while everyone’s listening. It’s also a time to show your personality and set the tone for the days to come. Following are tips to set the stage for success from the minute you walk in the door of your new building.

Arrive early. This seems like a no-brainer, but showing up even a few minutes late on the first day doesn’t give off the “I’m so excited to be here” vibe. Don’t just show up on time; plan to get there early. You may not be used to the new commute. Practice the journey, if you need to. Plan accordingly, leave even earlier than you think is necessary — just in case the weather or public transport issues get in the way — and show up 15 minutes before typical office hours begin.

Research, prepare and ask questions. Continue the research you began during the interview process. Read through the company’s website and perform Google searches to see if the company’s announced anything new lately — do your homework so you truly understand what the company does. Walk in the door with a list of questions to address with your supervisor; he or she will be impressed with your enthusiasm and forward thinking.

Come in with a plan. What do you want to accomplish in your first 30 days and beyond? Take what you already know about the position and the company and figure out how you can be successful and truly begin to make an impact in your new role. If you get time with your new boss, share the basics of your plan with him or her.

Be social. If you get the chance to head out with your supervisor and/or new cohorts in a social setting, such as a welcome lunch or happy hour, don’t turn it down. That first interaction outside the office is a great way to show your personality and begin to build relationships.

Relax, smile and be you (the professional version). The urge to put your best face on will be strong, but you don’t want to go overboard. Relax and let your real personality shine through, and you’ll impress people naturally. Chat about your family and things that are important to you, but keep it on a professional level. We spend about 1/3 of our lives with the people we work with, so you’ll want to build a foundation for real relationships with the people on your new team.

The first impression is important, but so is everything else that comes your way as you advance your career. Still searching for the next step on your career path? Accenture Careers may have the perfect opportunity for you.

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