Eng Han Heng
Eng Han Heng
Managing Director, Accenture Consulting, Singapore
June 15, 2018

Fatherhood, Family and Food from Friends

I’m a father of four, which is unusual in Singapore. My family is my first priority. But over the years, I’ve also come to see my Accenture colleagues as an extension of my family.

Three years ago was a defining moment—for my family and my career.

One of my twins became seriously ill. While I was caring for my child in the hospital, my colleagues were a constant support. Not only was I never made to feel like this was an issue in my work life, but the stand-out moment came when one of the managing directors made chicken soup and brought it to the hospital.

It’s now been three birthdays since my son first fell ill. To see him now with the family, playing with the rest of his brothers is absolutely a “wow” moment.

A 3 year old twins birthday

Whenever anyone asks me what I love about working at Accenture, the first thing that always comes to mind is the people. We have a reputation for working hard, but what often comes as a surprise to many is our supportive work culture.

Person first, employee second
We strive for a truly human workplace culture at Accenture, and I think my experience illustrates perfectly what that means.

It’s a culture where you have the complete freedom to ask for what you need. Where everyone, right up to top leadership, recognizes you and sees you for who you are: a human being, with a life that sometimes needs tending to. And it never feels awkward, because we’re more than just colleagues. That chicken soup might have been good on the day my son was in the hospital, but believe it or not, I still feel its effects every day I come to work. You can’t take your family for granted. It’s moments like this birthday that really bring this to life.

I had another moment not so long ago when I was promoted to Managing Director. This was a significant milestone for me, no doubt about it. I was truly humbled. And, of course, I celebrated with my wife and children. They have been integral to my reaching this milestone and giving it purpose. At the end of every day, coming home to my family is restorative, and they keep me real and grounded. They are what gives me the drive to start the day and to honestly try to be a better person each day.

Give what you get
Part of what’s important to me about my new role and responsibility is having more opportunities to mentor and support those who work with me. I aim to always encourage good work-life integration and an environment where all team members are comfortable talking about their family—both the joys and the struggles. It’s about being open and authentic.

Recently, there was a young working mother on my project team who was struggling with balancing work and family. She was a star performer, and the situation was taking its toll on her. I discussed the situation with other project leads. Together, we worked out a flexible arrangement and temporary changes to her role.

The team leads really wanted to make sure we could give what we could to make it work for her.

I’ll always try to pass on the kindness that has been shown to me, whenever any of my team needs it!

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Gayathri • June 20, 2018

I always wonder if there is a work-life balance. I felt it contradictory. By reading your experience, I believe that work-life balance is something that is possible with good managers like you. Thank you for sharing.

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