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Accenture Recruitment
Accenture Recruitment
May 16, 2018

Explore the New World of Work in the Age of AI

Join our live Broadcast

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reimagining the way the world lives and works. What does that really mean for the future of your career?

Register for our Work Reimagined in the Age of AI global broadcast on June 19 for an in-depth discussion of key insights from the new book Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, co-authored by Paul Daugherty, Accenture Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, and Jim Wilson, Managing Director of Information Technology and Business Research at Accenture Research.

The live broadcast will cover:

  • Enterprise transformation: Intelligent technology and human ingenuity can help transform every facet of business to become an intelligent enterprise.

  • Career transformation. New types of hybrid human and machine roles that every company must develop - and the skills needed for each.

  • New business practices. Five crucial elements that define an AI-fueled business.

Share your thoughts and ask questions of our AI experts during a live Q&A.

We’ll take a deep dive into the ways AI is impacting business, answering questions such as:

1. What will be the biggest workforce impact of AI?
We debunk the widespread misconception that AI systems, including advanced robotics and digital bots, will gradually replace humans While AI can be deployed to automate certain functions, the technology’s greater power is in complementing and augmenting human capabilities. Flexible teams of employees are working closely alongside robots, adapting on the fly to new data and market conditions and enabling companies to reimagine various work processes.

2. What’s the “missing middle,” and what does it mean for me?
In this current era of business process transformation, AI systems are amplifying and augmenting our skills and collaborating with us to achieve productivity gains that have previously not been possible. We call this the “missing middle”—“missing” because almost no one talks about it, and only a small fraction of companies are working to fill this crucial gap.

The Missing Middle 

3. What are the new skills I will need to work in the age of AI?
The growing power of AI is fundamentally transforming the human-machine relationship. As human-machine collaborations become increasingly prevalent, companies will need to hire for and develop eight new “fusion skills." The era of adaptive processes requires humans in the loop, not only to design, develop and train AI systems, but also to collaborate with them to fill the missing middle and achieve step-level increases in performance.

Build the skills you need to succeed in the workforce of the future. Find an opportunity with our team.

“Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI,” is now available everywhere, including at, and

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