September 21, 2016
Evaluating a communication plan for ongoing success
By: Timothy Klahs

Often in the business word, planning gets all the prominence. However, the most innovative and ingenious planning is of no use if it does not translate into action. In today's competitive environment, execution takes on greater importance because it separates the organizations that prosper in tough times from the ones that decline. This sentiment holds true with communication plans as well.

You work in the training department of a marketing and advertising company. Paul, your boss, says that a large-scale training workshop will be conducted by your company for executives across the industry. You hold the responsibility of preparing the training plans, coordinating with the trainers and participants, and making the required arrangements.

As the training coordinator, you must make careful considerations while designing a communication plan, as it is a necessary effort in achieving a successful outcome for any project or business function. In addition, your execution and monitoring of the plan in action are even more critical.

As you begin to prepare the initial draft of the training and the communication plan, you should make sure that all the expected actions have the necessary communication to initiate them, all the participants are informed, and all the necessary informational inputs are in place and shared with the required parties.

During the process, you notice that one of your project team members was unable to follow the instructions and created an erroneous list of participants. Consequently, invitations went to those who are not required to participate in the training. You realize that it is indeed difficult to exchange information with the right amount of detail and clarity.

You soon realize that when communications are running and best practices are being employed to execute the plan, positive results occur, including projects remaining within scope, tangible benefits being delivered, and organizational expectations being met.

To ensure successful execution of your communication plan, you must:

  • Review and revise your communication plan as to feasibility, scope, and buy-in long before beginning your project or redesigning your functional area.

  • Develop ways to evaluate the success of your plan and to solicit feedback in your evaluation.

  • Evaluate methods to help you execute your plan to its full potential and gain valuable procedures to use on your next project.

Are there risks in simply assuming that your communication plan will be executed as you envisioned without any oversight or monitoring? The Accenture Academy courses Communication Plan Review and Revision, Communication Plan Execution Evaluation Criteria, Communication Plan Monitoring and Feedback, and Successful Methods for Executing a Communication Plan will help you develop an effective and a well-executed communication plan that is closely monitored and that will keep stakeholders in step, in sync, and in-the-know, all of which are prerequisites for success. 

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