September 19, 2016
Engage your organization with innovation
By: Kathie Topel

Developing an effective management process for capturing innovative ideas is key to producing new ideas that are likely to be successful. It is important for you to define the workflow process so that ideas can move through a consistent series of phases from conceptualization to implementation.

Because your goal is to turn great ideas into actual products or solutions, you must challenge your current product delivery model and ensure that it is as efficient as possible.

A strong innovation idea management process gets everyone in an organization involved regardless of what role they play. An example of this success is when a midsized building-supply company decided to invest time and money into creating an innovation idea management process. Many of the leadership members were skeptical at first. One actual comment was, “Why should we spend money on getting the forklift drivers involved? They only care about getting paid and going home.” To the surprise of most of the company, the first idea was from none other than a forklift operator. He suggested that instead of spending a lot of money to go off-site once a month for an auction to sell overstocked items, the company should use an online marketplace. This suggestion was implemented, and in a very short period of time, it saved the company labor time at weekend rates, equipment rental to haul overstocked items to auction, and restocking costs if a product didn’t sell. The online marketplace tool enabled the company to post new items continuously, have almost zero additional labor cost, and eliminated the need for restocking fees.

Have you ever had a great idea that you believed would bring value to your company, but you had no way to communicate it? Or have you had an idea that you were told by leadership was excellent, but you never heard anything back and it went nowhere? The Accenture Academy course Implementing Innovative Ideas provides you with the steps to follow to create an innovation idea management process that will help turn ideas into valuable solutions with speed and consistency.

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