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October 18, 2016
Dreamforce 2016: Using Healthcare IT to improve patient outcomes
By: Anne O'Riordan

Improving the patient experience and connecting the various constituents in healthcare were the main themes in the four days of dedicated Health & Life Sciences breakouts at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco last week.

The energetic week, featuring guest appearances by Melinda Gates, Deborah Dugan and, was filled with industry leaders focused on providing increased value and improved patient connections throughout the Dreamforce campus. Health and Life Sciences attendees navigated their way through numerous industry keynotes and sessions that brought together payers, providers and life sciences manufacturers to share their compelling stories about how they use technology and solutions to collaborate in new and different ways and deliver better outcomes for patients and the healthcare system as a whole. The energy, focus and attention around increased efficiencies and enhanced experiences was palpable. 

Earlier this year, Accenture announced how it is extending the capabilities of Salesforce Health Cloud – which provides life sciences companies and healthcare providers with an integrated solution to improve patient support and deliver increased personalized patient experience and care. Just ahead of the conference, The Accenture Health Experience Platform, was also launched - this suite of intelligent, cloud-based services is designed to work with Salesforce Health Cloud to help health insurers deliver seamless customer experiences and increase long-term growth.

During a panel discussion on “Intelligent Patient Platform: Delivering Better Patient Outcomes”, Tony Romito and Rich Sherman from our Intelligent Patient Solutions practice and Shire representative Lisa LaVorgna (Director, IT Business Partner Genetic Diseases & Patient Services) and Seattle Irvine (Case Manager) held an in-depth, personal conversation about how Shire’s OnePath support program is improving the way Shire is able to support patients on a day to day basis.

Both Lisa and Seattle highlighted specific elements of the program that have improved the way they engage with patients and how the technology enabled a more intimate relationship with each patient that could be based on trust and intimacy rather than process and procedure. In the future, they both hope for shorter timelines and other efficiencies to make the process even better for patients.   

I had the opportunity to host an executive round table on disruption in healthcare. The executives involved in the discussion were very focused on the co-dependency that is emerging between the industry silos and how digital can accelerate the opportunities that are presented as a result. 

As the industry continues to shift toward enhanced collaborations and delivery of improved patient outcomes, the possibilities being presented by the advances and proliferation of consumer and corporate technologies seem endless. I left Dreamforce very energized by the passion, collaboration and dedication that was evident from of all facets of the industry to truly make step changes in how the healthcare industry performs!

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