May 31, 2017
Disruption, innovation and comfort with being uncomfortable
By: Megan R.

Megan is a Workday project analyst based in North Carolina. In this brief Q&A, Megan shares how her love of teaching helps her clients make the most of innovative technology.

What’s great about working in technology?

I love showing clients how new technology will make their everyday work lives easier and their businesses more effective. For example, I worked on a project to maintain a state electronic purchasing system that helped our client, state employees responsible for procurement and vendors doing business with the state. I’ve also helped implement Workday HR and finance software to give clients better tools to track the present and plan the future of their businesses. When I’m training a client on a new solution and they get excited about what I’m showing them, it’s very rewarding.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

No matter what job or task you are given, whether it’s making coffee, organizing a storage room, cross-walking spreadsheets, leading a meeting, pitching to a potential client or leading your team, complete that task to the best of your ability. And don’t ever sign your name to anything you cannot 100 percent stand behind.

How does Accenture Technology lead in the new?

Accenture Technology is “comfortable with being uncomfortable.” We’d rather disrupt the status quo than settle for it, and we’re always innovating to move our business and our clients ahead of the curve.

I’ve enjoyed working with the enterprise resource planning software platform Workday. It’s an end-user friendly, cloud-based system with options and modules to fit each client’s needs. My team uses tools like Workday to help clients leave behind the hassle and inefficiency of dealing with multiple legacy systems that don’t integrate and “talk” to each other. By bringing those clients into new cloud-based platforms, we can help them reduce maintenance costs, increase their real-time analytics options and deliver other benefits to their business and employees.

What do you enjoy most about working in a global business?

I love the opportunity to learn about different cultures, people and places through our global teams and variety of projects. I’m part of a global team, implementing technology for a global company. The US-based part of the team works well together when we meet at client sites, and we work well with our overseas team members, who we connect with virtually. Being on motivated, hardworking teams inspires each of us to be better and push farther than we could or would have on our own. Although setting meetings across time zones can be challenging at times!

What would you have done differently when you were starting your career, and what’s the best decision you’ve made so far?

I would advise my younger self to explore more career options and be open to paths that might not seem obvious. At Accenture, we direct our own career paths, and there are endless directions our careers can take. Being open to change and shifting to the new has been my best career decision yet.

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