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November 29, 2017
Delivering on the promises of platform as a service for life sciences
By: Katie Strasser and Dan Kang

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of attending Medidata NEXT Global 2017 in New York City. The conference provided attendees an opportunity to experience technology innovations that are challenging scientific assumptions, advancing research agendas, generating better clinical outcomes and, ultimately, changing the lives of patients.

It is also a chance for industry professionals to participate in interactive sessions to gain the skills needed to stay ahead, learn from our peers, join the conversation and network with colleagues and executives, and hear from industry leaders about new breakthroughs in clinical development technology.

We led a session on Delivering on the Promises of Platform as a Service, a capability we see having the potential to make a positive impact on life sciences companies, particularly those performing clinical trials. In the session, we discussed what we believe is an unavoidable move from siloed capabilities to platforms and the required shift of people and processes to help implement and sustain it.

In the pharma industry, clinical trial success rates have stagnated over the last decade, despite greater investments. We have seen trial durations lengthening and complexity around participant eligibility criteria and trial procedures increasing. And case reports have expanded by 227 percent since 2000.

The Platform Journey

© Accenture, 2017.

The questions we’re being asked now across the industry are indicating a move towards value-based outcomes which require the right combination of next generation tools, processes and operating models for implementation and sustainment.

At Accenture, we have been working with companies to clearly define value drivers and desired outcomes up-front, increasing the likelihood that they will achieve the value they seek through their transition to PaaS. We have found that change management is key, at every stage, from the beginning through to adoption and measurement.

As part of our PaaS consulting and implementation work, we also help companies develop an end-to-end capability map to:

  • Optimize clinical trial study design.

  • Standardize and accelerate clinical data capture.

  • Optimize patient engagement.

  • Enhance site experience.

  • Automate site payments.

  • Enable end-to-end risk and issue management.

  • And more.

Value Delivery Model

© Accenture, 2017.

In our view, PaaS promises to simplify the process landscape. It offers a scalable solution that empowers a growing range of capabilities, encourages continuous improvement and embraces an agile implementation and culture—all with the ongoing support of a third-party partner.

If you want to learn more about how Accenture can help your company implement a PaaS capability to better manage the increasing complexity of your clinical trials, feel free to reach out to Dan or me.

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