September 24, 2019
Defend attacks four times better than the rest
By: Kelly Bissell

Last month I shared some thoughts with you based on our survey about the importance of your cybersecurity technology investments: get them right and you can enjoy seeing your business run smoothly. Get them wrong and your brand, reputation—and maybe even your own job—is on the line. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but our interviews with senior security executives back up the idea that paying attention in the right areas is not only the right thing to do, but also it can be highly rewarding.

As part of our ongoing research activities, we’ve taken a closer look at how organizations are prioritizing security, how comprehensive their security plans are, and how their security investments are performing. We found that a group of organizations, the leaders, do things differently to drive better results from their security investments. They scale more, train more and collaborate more.

And here’s an interesting statistic: Leaders who scale more find that their technology investments are four times better than the rest at defending attacks. Let’s look at why those organizations are the best at scaling (by which we mean where 50 percent or more of their security tools move from pilot to full-scale deployment). Three reasons that help them scale well:

  • Leaders know how to put a stop to cyberattacks: The rate at which organizations scale investments across their business has a big impact on how they defend against attacks. For those best at scaling technologies, only 5 percent of cyberattacks resulted in a security breach. For the rest, 21 percent of cyberattacks resulted in a security breach.
  • Leaders are faster at finding breaches: Security teams are more effective for organizations who scale more of their technology investments. For those best at scaling, security teams discovered almost three quarters of cybersecurity attacks against their organizations, compared with only half of all cyberattacks for their counterparts.
  • Leaders actively protect their key assets: Being able to scale is an important factor in whether the impact of their security programs goes far and wide. The cybersecurity programs for the best at scaling actively protect three quarters of all key assets in the organization. The rest cover only half of their key assets.

How would you rate your own company in terms of scaling your cybersecurity technology investments—even with suppliers and partners? The ability to scale more shows how effective investments in new security technologies can be—but only when they are fully rolled out across the enterprise and ecosystem. Our survey found that having this kind of scope is favored by a majority, too—81 percent said, “new cybersecurity tools are increasing the reach of cybersecurity coverage for my organization.”

Take a look at more of the findings from our report “Invest for Cyber Resilience.” We surveyed 4,644 senior security executives in organizations with annual revenues of US$1 billion or more from 24 industries and 15 countries. In upcoming blogs I’m also going to share with you why organizations who are best at training are two times better than the rest at defending attacks and those that are best at collaborating are two times better than the rest at defending attacks. I’d be happy to talk to you about these topics or any aspect of achieving success in security soon.

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