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December 14, 2017
The connection among artificial intelligence, Salesforce Einstein and your success
By: Deepa Iyer
The connection among Artificial Intelligence, Salesforce Einstein and your success

It’s clear now that artificial intelligence (AI) can simultaneously address the demands of businesses and consumers—automating and augmenting the creativity of humans and, far from coincidentally, evolving every user interface to be simpler, smarter and more useful. Far more than just another technology tool to boost efficiency or generate value, AI is who we are and where we’re going. It’s now. It is the NEW UI.

AI is now consistently being used to add real-time context and intelligence to people’s interactions with technology, driving wider, faster adoption of technology and providing better outcomes for people. Case in point: with Salesforce Einstein®, the Salesforce Platform brings AI to life at every customer touchpoint.

@Salesforce doesn’t just use #AI, Einstein brings AI to life.


In fact, we see Einstein as the future of how intelligent businesses will evolve. During Dreamforce 2017, Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, shared that the most powerful thing about Einstein is that it is democratizing AI, making AI available to the masses who are using Salesforce. Gone are the days where PhDs or data scientists are required to interpret complex data sets. Einstein is providing organizations with the tools to use the data from the Platform to integrate AI algorithms into the business that has the potential to drive great innovation and growth.

Not that it’s been easy. Recognizing the potential of AI early on, Salesforce began work on its embedded AI capabilities more than two years ago by assembling experts in CRM, user experience (UX) and data science. Now built into the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, Einstein is powered by four fundamental AI capabilities: advanced machine learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing and smart data discovery.

With Einstein, the Salesforce Platform has catapulted into being a SMART CRM bringing to life a new era of Customer Relationship Management. Einstein enables us to apply directional insights to the current state and context of the customer, providing a unique user experience. It can provide businesses more comprehensive and current views into the minds, hearts, plans and actions of customers, sales prospects and the world at large—improving, uniting and accelerating all the channels that touch customers.

With Einstein, the @Salesforce Platform has catapulted into a SMART #CRM.


Using Einstein, we can:

  • Define sales goals and score leads/opportunities: By analyzing pipeline, forecasts and other prospect and client account data within the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, Einstein can deliver actionable sales initiatives for the sales rep.

  • Predict cases and automate services using intelligent bots: AI-driven case prediction enables scalable, personalized and contextual resolution of customer service requests. If a customer initiates a chat conversation, Einstein can detect the intent of the question and route/respond to them.

  • Promote brands using social media: Effectively engaging with customers through social marketing campaigns real-time just got easier. For example, when a customer redeems an offer by taking a picture with the product and posting it to social media, Einstein uses image recognition to identify the company product and auto-responds to the customer. Further, Einstein can also understand the intent behind the user’s social post and respond with coupons or discounts to a particular brand, thereby driving brand recognition.

  • Recognize images, sentiments and intents: As shared above, Einstein can help your organization recognize images in social media—a logo, for example, or a picture of a company CEO—to compile a report on social media sentiment.

  • Report problems like potholes or graffiti to the city the citizen resides by simply uploading an image. Einstein can determine the location and notify work crews of the issue submitted by the resident.

  • Predict patterns of data and make intelligent suggestions and recommendations like “What can be done better?”, “How can I improve my ROI?”, etc.

Einstein brings the power of AI to every Salesforce user, and comes with ingrained models that are automatically customized for every customer and becomes more intelligent in the customer data context with every interaction.

Accenture is redefining its industry solutions and client experiences into a new era of user experiences defined by Einstein—and that’s why we’re very excited to share, in this new blog series, how AI is bringing exceptional opportunity to the enterprise—and how we’re helping clients maximize the considerable and growing capabilities of Salesforce Einstein.

To learn more about what Accenture and Salesforce experts are saying about how Einstein is revolutionizing the use of AI, watch this video series.


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