Rohit Thakur
Managing Director and Lead, Human Resources, Accenture in India
May 11, 2018

The Day 'Truly Human' Became Personal


I still remember the morning of January 14, 2008. The day I lost a close friend and colleague. That day, a lot of things changed for me—my outlook towards life, how I view my profession and how can I help others lead their lives with balance, purpose and passion.

While digital has opened a wealth of opportunities for us, we can’t ignore the stress and anxiety that looms large due to our “always-on” culture. Like most of us, I was spending a lot more time on my phone, juggling meetings and trying to meet the pressures of my day-to-day work.

I soon realized that in today’s fast-paced world, it is easy to forget how to maximize every moment and really live each day, making time for our loved ones and pursuing that passion or hobby we have been putting off for too long. It was time to bring about a change—not only for myself but also for the people around me. Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate that the companies I’ve worked for have been supportive of the philosophy of maximizing a person’s potential in every possible way. At Accenture, the “Truly Human” program is a catalyst for making this happen in an even more structured manner.

“Maximize every moment, and really live each day.”

Truly Human isn’t an initiative; it’s a mission that we are all part of. It is helping us stay energized, take better care of ourselves and bring our best to work. Here’s how. Through training, workshops and policies, we are creating an environment that’s energetic, flexible, and above all, one that is enjoyable. A fantastic example is our Digital Health Wallet—a 24/7 service that helps our people identify and manage risks via ongoing health assessments and advice.

Do you exercise the power of disconnecting?
I do! Disconnecting in an always-on digital world is difficult, but not impossible. Despite a hectic work day and travel schedule, I take time out to reflect and recharge. I do this by exercising for 45 minutes every day, eating right and enjoying face-to-face social time with my family and friends.

I personally feel that powering down on vacations is integral to finding the right balance. So, in Truly Human spirit, we are encouraging people to consume all their personal leave, taking time off to come back to work recharged and more engaged than ever. As the HR head for Accenture in India, it is extremely fulfilling to listen to stories of people who went on a great adventure, continued to fuel their passion around something as they were growing up or learned a new skill that eventually, sparked creativity, made them happier and more productive.

Try these simple steps to reduce stress, improve your ability to focus and tune out distractions:

  • Wait 15 minutes before checking your phone in the morning.

  • Take short breaks from your devices throughout the day.

  • Engage in a physically demanding activity such as bicycling or taking a brisk walk.

  • Do something mentally stimulating such as reading books, solving puzzles.

Fuel your soul with passion and intent. 
Without purpose, we are more likely to detract from our office environment. Having a sense of purpose and finding success goes hand in hand. It’s really no secret how our passionate and diverse workforce can spread joy and make a difference in the way the world works and lives. Over the course of my career, I’ve been teaming with like-minded people to contribute to nonprofits, spending time with elderly at senior-living homes, visiting with visually impaired kids and supporting education for underprivileged children. In every instance, I get much more in return than I give.

Like my late friend would always say: “Be grateful for what you have, and when you do good, the good comes to you. This is how you find your sense of purpose.”

Succeed at work and fulfill your passions by bringing your true, authentic self to work. Find an opportunity with our Accenture team today.

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shukla • February 15, 2019

Good points you mentioned. Thanks for this. Work should not overwhelm to such a point that the point of earning a good salary takes a front seat to the important aspect of life like friendship and relations around us. It may be important but is not the all in all. Striving to achieve work perfection to exclusivity of all else results in 90 percent of the problem man suffers today. It was a pleasure to meet such a sensitive and intelligent person as you. Stay blessed. Shukla Bhadra (Dutta)

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