June 05, 2017
Pega’s Artificial Intelligence solution: Your new co-worker?
By: David Steuer

Is your computer becoming smart enough to be a co-worker—your partner, instead of just a tool?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is about to become a company’s digital spokesperson. Moving beyond a back-end tool for the enterprise, AI is taking on more sophisticated roles within technology interfaces. From autonomous driving vehicles that use computer vision, to live translations made possible by artificial neural networks, AI is making every interface both simple and smart—and setting a high bar for how future interactions will work. It will act as the face of a company’s digital brand and a key differentiator—and become a core competency demanding of C-level investment and strategy.

This key trend from the 2017 Accenture Technology Vision highlights how AI is beginning to enhance a user’s experience with technology, improving adoption and data quality by working in collaboration with users. This year’s overarching theme, “Amplify You,” illustrates that human empowerment is at the heart of the digital revolution. Rapid advances have created a people-centric technology environment—giving individuals the power to shape technology as they see fit.

Tech Vision 2017 Trend: AI is the new UI—Experience Above All

As AI matures, many of the problems that hindered adoption in the past are disappearing. It’s now consistently being used to add frictionless intelligence to people’s interactions with technology, driving wider, faster adoption and providing better outcomes for people. Per our global Accenture Technology Vision 2017 Survey of more than 5,400 IT and business executives, 79 percent agree that AI will help accelerate technology adoption throughout their organizations. In short, AI is poised to enable companies to improve the experience and outcome for every critical customer interaction.

Pega’s AI solution—Pega® Customer Decision Hub—is a good example of this partnership between human and artificial intelligence. This digital brain works seamlessly with Pega’s integrated applications for sales, customer service and marketing to automatically understand customer intent and sense moments of need, delivering sublime, personalized, coherent and contextually relevant experiences—exactly how customers expect to interact with their providers. Pega Customer Decision Hub also uses machine learning, based upon actions taken in other customer interactions, to make each new recommendation better.

#Pega’s AI solution is an example of the partnership between human & #AI-our @SteuerDavid blogs #TECHVISION2017

Transavia, a low-cost, European airline, relies on Pega applications to discover and maintain a good understanding of customer needs, which allows it to be more proactive and address these needs while at the same time striving for operational excellence at low cost. AI enables it to do both at the same time by:

  • Enabling a better presence in the customer travel journey, where interaction via chatbots will be possible 24x7 with fast response times

  • Providing scalability and flexibility, as AI can serve multiple customers at once and tailor the experience for everyone

  • Providing better insight into end-to-end business performance and orchestrating business processes to achieve desired outcomes.

Imagine your last flight. Was it delayed? Did the flight monitors ever update to reflect the new departure time? Did gate agents or cabin crew have any information as to the nature of the delay or when it would be resolved?

Transavia developed the vision of a single solution, allowing gate agents, customer service representatives, cabin attendants, baggage handlers and maintenance personnel to all see flight status in real-time. Thanks to the timely sharing of information, seamlessly displayed on their computer or mobile device, all team members can adjust the execution of their business processes and communicate efficiently. This not only improves on-time departure, but also provides opportunities to engage with customers based on all relevant data, which can enhance revenue and help deliver high-quality customer service. To achieve this vision, Transavia and Accenture have been collaborating to develop the Accenture Aviation Experience Accelerator, based on the Pega 7 platform. Over time, many new features will be added to create more personalized experiences, based on the ability to capture and interpret the interactions of every consumer, passenger and booker across every digital touch point. By leveraging Pega’s AI solution, these personalized experiences can be created at scale and provide seamless interactions across all channels and roles in the travel journey.

No longer limited to unattended back-office functions, AI is beginning to take on a direct role in interacting with both your customers and employees, tailoring each experience to enhance adoption and adapt technology to the needs of the people who use it. AI will be a key point of distinction for your business versus competitors, and so must be considered as a core competency demanding of C-level investment and strategy. Much more than just another technology tool to help increase efficiency or generate value, AI is no longer about how your company does things—it’s who you are.

To learn more about Transavia’s transformation, see this press release.

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