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March 07, 2018

Data Veracity: The Coolest New Jobs in Cybersecurity

Business Integrity = Data Integrity

As digital technologies continue to evolve, businesses are more data driven than ever before—and more vulnerable to bad actors. Inaccurate, manipulated information is a new threat to the insights that companies rely on to plan, operate and grow.

This year’s Accenture Technology Vision report covers five emerging trends highlighting the rapid advancements in technologies that, in turn, are improving the ways people work and live. Trend three highlights the importance of data veracity, and the potential harm that bad data can cause to organizations and to society overall. Businesses are investing heavily in data-driven insights and technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT)—but they also need to invest in what’s going into them.

So, what’s the solution? The research shows the need for businesses to build “data intelligence” practices built on existing data science and cybersecurity capabilities, based on three key elements:

  • Provenance: Verifying the history of data throughout its entire life cycle.

  • Context: Considering the circumstances around the way data is used.

  • Integrity: Securing and maintaining data.

That means a whole new world of opportunity is opening, as the skills needed to keep data accurate and secure evolve along with technology. Our application security professionals help make clients battle ready—protecting their applications and the valuable data they contain.

But that’s just one part of the puzzle. Real business resilience comes from holistic approaches that look at the complete security lifecycle, and there are careers across all ends of the spectrum. From elite pen testers hired to simulate attacks to strategists that advise boards on the role of cybersecurity, we have some of the coolest jobs today. Here’s a listing of just a few:

  • Senior Penetration Tester
    What you’ll do: Execute simulated attacks in a variety of customer settings, including the digital assets of high net worth individuals, some of the nation’s most critical infrastructures and largest financial institutions.

    What you’ll need: Experience with scoping engagements and developing technical proposals; developing C, C++, PHP+, MySQL, Java; and reverse engineering of malware, disk and memory forensics.

  • Reverse Malware Engineer
    What you’ll do: Evaluates the tools deployed in cyber-attacks as well as the tactics, techniques and procedures used by cyber-criminals for financial gain.

    What you’ll need: B.S. or M.S. in Computer Forensics, Science or Engineering, Information Systems or other relevant security field, or comparable experience. Experience in malware analysis and reverse engineering.

  • Threat and Vulnerability Consultant
    What you’ll do: Perform technical security assessments to identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and weaknesses that may lead to unauthorized access.

    What you’ll need: Experience with penetration testing, web application security assessments, vulnerability assessments and technical security assessments.

  • Security DevSecOps
    What you’ll do: Design and implement DevSecOps platforms, which covers areas such as integrating security into build automation, deployment automation, test automation, SDLC orchestration, environment management, monitoring and production release procedures.

    What you’ll need: Experience with application security, working in Agile methodologies and transformations, code analysis automation tools.

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Join us March 29 for a webcast discussion on navigating the future of technology.

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