May 25, 2017
How Salesforce is blazing a “People First” trail
By: Daniel Le Jehan
Technology Vision for Salesforce 2017

We are living in truly amazing times as the pace of technology change continues to accelerate, bringing ever-faster impacts to the ways in which we work and live. The possibilities are exciting because the power lies with us—with people. We are now in control. Technology is adapting to us—people are no longer adapting to technology. We are putting technology to work to disrupt ourselves and the environments around us.

The Accenture Technology Vision for Salesforce 2017 highlights key trends that will empower people to invent and achieve even more in the era of the intelligent enterprise. Our biggest innovations will not be in the technology tools themselves, but in how we mold them with people in mind. This people-centric technology environment, where individuals have the power to shape technology, is a fundamental shift and the key focus of our report.

Salesforce truly embodies this trend. Its “People-First” design thinking is apparent in every evolution it makes. Already a leader in the cloud CRM space, Salesforce as a Platform is growing dramatically and impactfully beyond their traditional offering. The Salesforce Platform has emerged as a critical ecosystem that all businesses, their employees and their customers are increasingly positioning as strategic to their growth and success. Business leaders are now shaping strategies to exploit a new era of invention and tap into new levels of creativity, ingenuity and productivity.

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Amplify Humans

What’s different about the disruption we are now experiencing? New business models, the latest innovations in platforms and ecosystems are seeing changes to business models that are enabling services to be delivered in entirely new ways. Artificial intelligence has seen a shift towards new levels of personalization. Human-centered design is helping us build smarter machines that will work side-by-side with people in every discipline as partners. Companies now have an opportunity to rethink and reestablish their place in the next evolution of business and society. These are just a few of the advances driving the “Technology for People” era. And this thinking is the foundation for our key tech trends:

  • AI Is the New UI: Experience Above All. Artificial intelligence is coming of age in a big way in 2017. Salesforce’s investments to embed AI into the core Customer Success Platform are paying off as more and more customers discover the power of Einstein. This year, we’ll see AI become the new user interface (UI)—underpinning the way we transact and interact with systems.

  • Ecosystem Power Plays: Beyond Platforms. Platform companies like Salesforce have completely broken the rules for how to operate and compete by inventing platform models that provide a single point to access multiple services. The Salesforce Ecosystem has become the true power of the Platform. Today, companies don’t just need a cloud strategy or a platform strategy, they need a rich and robust ecosystem approach if they want to lead in this new era of intelligence.

  • Design for Humans: Inspire New Behaviors. We have reached an exciting new frontier in customer experiences: Today we are designing technologies like Salesforce Wave Analytics, which adapt to how we behave as humans. This is a huge shift away from us having to learn how to use technology—instead we are now teaching it to create exceptional user experiences that enhance our lives.

The Era of the Intelligent Enterprise is Now

The three themes highlighted above are already playing important roles in the strategies of leading companies as they explore the full power of the Salesforce Ecosystem. AI is becoming pervasive in the user experience: the new face of a company’s digital brand. Salesforce is fostering the creation of new client platforms that spawn even more powerful ecosystems. Human-centered design is helping technology adapt to people’s needs, propelling adoption and partnering with them to meet their goals.

Learn more about how Salesforce is helping companies take a People-First approach to excel as digital enterprises in our Technology Vision for Salesforce 2017.

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