June 06, 2011
Cool startups from Stanford
By: Huan Liu

One of the reasons that we have a Labs location in Silicon Valley is that we want to stay close to the center of innovation and keep abreast of the cool startups coming up. Towards that goal, Accenture sponsored the demo day event by StartX (formerly SSE Labs). I was one of the few Labs folks who were fortunate enough to see the demo day live.

I have to say that I am pretty impressed with the event. There are a lot of people, and the hallway is so packed during break that it was a fight to get through the crowd. On top of that, I am pretty impressed with the startups they are showcasing. All of them are really cool, and a few really stuck in my mind:

WifiSlam: An indoor positioning tool that can detect your location based on signatures of wifi signals (from wifi basestations). I dream of the day when I will never get lost in shopping malls again.

Lark: They produce a device that you can wear on your wrist, which can function as a silent alarm clock. But more importantly, the device also tracks your sleeping pattern, so that you can know what you do not know.

GameClosure: They produce a game platform that can run on multiple devices. It could run on an Android phone or inside a browser. Game developers only need to write their games once, in javascript, and the games will run everywhere. It is even more cool when you can play a multi-player on your phone with your friend who is sitting in front of a computer.

As a benefit of sponsoring the event, we have a little table to showcase some research projects from the Labs. I showed Steptacular, a wellness incentive project we are working on, which is as cool as those startups :-).

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