Rohan Bhattacharjee
Rohan Bhattacharjee
Senior Manager, Capability Network, Supply Chain and Operations, San Jose, California
May 06, 2019

Our Specialized Consulting Expertise Drives Innovative Solutions

Capability Network

Capability Network—the name says it all.

We’re specialists in a constantly evolving world. That means we learn to adapt quickly—and, thanks to the tools we’re given, we do.

Being part of a distributed management consultancy organization means there are high expectations placed on our teams, but incredible learning opportunities, too. We constantly stay on our toes, asking, “What’s the next big thing, and how can I be part of the bigger story?”

The Capability Network offers everything we need to find the answers.

Specialized knowledge, strategic challenges
The Capability Network provides clients with highly specialized knowledge to face the complex problems they face in today’s always-changing world. We provide deep, strategic industry and functional expertise to the world’s leading organizations, helping them target and deliver new value sources and solve their most strategic challenges.

Our job is to develop pockets of capability and an understanding of niche technologies that complement local teams’ ability to scale appropriately. In my case, I work to drive intelligent supply chains, working with software solutions like Kinaxis and JDA.

Our focus on digital innovation is second to none, and we keep our skills fresh and relevant as the technology landscape and market dynamics continually evolve.

As a team, we’re applying the latest, cutting-edge digital technologies. But whether it’s intelligent automation, data-driven consulting or artificial intelligence, we bring our learnings from 11 global functions, industry and technology practices into one consolidated place.

Innovating for excellence
Centers of Excellence have created a sea of change within the Capability Network. Whenever a new technology or capability is identified, we “bottle” our global knowledge and assign a dedicated Center of Excellence team to develop it further.

From business-process management to digital plants, we’re always looking for novel solutions. Accenture has long been at the leading edge of digital, and the Capability Network is ideally positioned to lead innovation within our organization.

Our two Supply Chain Centers of Excellence are located in Barcelona and California. These centers have been instrumental in creating an end-to-end Integrated Control Tower, as we diagnose supply chain challenges, ensure solutions are based on the right information and stay ahead of the competition.

The Capability Network is also at the forefront of embracing intelligent supply chain, breaking away from the traditional, linear supply-chain way of thinking. It’s exciting be a part of that.

Circle of learning
My team works closely with Accenture Innovation Hubs across the U.S. to share the latest and greatest supply-chain thinking. This has spawned a number of multi-client innovation workshops, many led by the Capability Network. It’s a brilliant opportunity to showcase our supply-chain solutions and demonstrate the art of the possible, as well as exchange ideas.

Clients learn from us, and we learn from them.

I’m also continually learning from colleagues—smart, driven people who really know their technological stuff. You get that anywhere in Accenture, but there seems to be a different vibe within the Capability Network.

We place a strong emphasis on hiring people with an entrepreneurial mindset. There’s personal responsibility for delivering a project, but everyone is welcome to come up with new ideas. If the ideas are viable, we have the resources to make them happen.

We’re constantly innovating, constantly moving forward in the Accenture Capability Network.

Be part of “the next big thing,” and transform the way the world works and lives with the work you do every day. Find your fit with the Accenture Capability Network.

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