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Ananth Vedagarbham and Niranjan Srinivasan
Managing Director and Lead, Health & Public Service, Advanced Technology Centers in India and Managing Director, Health & Public Service, Advanced Technology Centers in India
May 14, 2019

We’re Combining Careers and Passions—And Breaking a Guinness World Record

longest line of photographs

Deciding between your career and your passion?

Why not have both!

The thrill of improving the way the world works and lives for our clients and communities AND following our passions while doing so isn’t only possible—it’s highly recommended.

Whether it’s learning how to strum a guitar or taking a picture-perfect photo, our people are empowered to bring their true selves to work and inspired to be their best in everything they do.

Our dynamic leaders, Ananth Vedagarbham and Niranjan Srinivasan, discuss why they enjoy leading the exciting myPassion employee engagement program—and how it recently led to a Guinness World Record.

How is myPassion helping Accenture people stay engaged, energized and inspired?
Ananth: myPassion is an extraordinary program enabling our people in Advanced Technology Centers in India showcase their unique talents through numerous arts and sports clubs. So far, more than 50,000 Accenture people have come together to showcase their passion across 20 locations in India.

With myPassion, we shine a spotlight on our people and help them unleash their talent—and sometimes even become famous as musicians, dancers and sportspersons. Many of them have state, national and international recognitions.

Indeed, myPassion is empowering our people to bring their whole selves to work—which helps them drive innovation in everything they do!

How did you come up with this idea?
Two years ago, I was looking to expand my own horizons as an Indian classical flautist, while continuing to pursue my career goals. Within Accenture, I knew many other talented people in arts and sports who were similarly inclined.

Then there were many people who were pursuing a hobby just for fun or to de-stress.

That is when it struck me—what if we created a platform that could enable us to showcase our talents and bring our whole selves to work? As we are a company driving innovation at scale, I realized that this would also be a key enabler in making our work environment more creative, fun and energizing, and where everyone could follow their passions with equal gusto on a common platform.

Additionally, the program is helping to make multi-generational connections happen. Gen Z is engaging with our leaders on equal footing, and vice versa.

Why is this initiative close to your heart?
Niranjan: At one of our events, I witnessed a mesmerizing dance performance by a group of colleagues. I got to know them and learned that since childhood, each of them wanted to get onstage and dance. It was a big moment for them as they performed for the first time in their lives—in front of 500 people.

myPassion is helping so many Accenture people do something they always wanted to do or reignite their love for something they stopped doing. Both Ananth and I want our people to excel in every aspect of their life, so moments like these make us very happy and proud.

Congratulations on breaking the Guinness World Record!

Congratulations on breaking the Guinness World Record! Tell us all about it.
Niranjan: We’ve won the title for creating the “longest line of photographs” with a record-breaking number of 25,927 pictures across 3,786.56 meters, depicting the year-long, epic journey of myPassion.

The photographs showed the extent of participation of our people from across locations in India, and they served as an amazing testimony of the true passion they bring to work. The photographs were displayed in our Bengaluru office and the entry was adjudicated by the Guinness World Records officials.

What does this record mean for Accenture?
Ananth: We have time and again proven that we are not just champions in delivering excellence in technology and client value, but also in being an outstanding company where our people can come to work and be inspired every day.

With myPassion, we are setting the stage ablaze, showcasing our exceptional talent in arts and sports. The Guinness World Record is a great recognition that captures the enormous scale, energy and participation. It inspires us to continue to give our people more opportunities to shine brightly.

I strongly believe that when we all bring our whole selves to work, it turbocharges the energy and innovation we bring to generate client value each day.

Succeed at work and fulfill your passions by bringing your true, authentic self to work. Find an opportunity with our Accenture team today.

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