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October 29, 2018
Cloud Management Platforms: The fuel for digital transformation
By: Michael Liebow

Accenture Cloud Platform (ACP) recognized on Constellation Shortlist for Digital Transformation Target Platforms

It used to be that “digital disruption” referred to new entrants upending incumbents to re-write the competitive rules.

But today, as we enter the new era of digital disruption, incumbent companies are moving away from using the cloud purely for surface-level efficiency plays to driving true transformation, especially at the front end of their business. Enterprises now create genuine business advantage through new revenue streams, products and services, and business models with cloud.

In fact, according to Constellation Research, the Silicon Valley-based strategic advisory and futurist analyst firm, the top priority for CXOs in 2018 is modernizing and transforming their market-facing digital capabilities. This means companies increasingly look to the cloud to do much more than help them reduce their IT costs. And as they ask for more from the cloud, their cloud presence will become larger, more complex, and more difficult to manage.

Digital transformation platforms play a vital role in transformation

According to Constellation Research, platforms such as Accenture Cloud Platform (ACP)—which Constellation calls “digital transformation target platforms”—are becoming increasingly important for companies looking to use the cloud to transform themselves. Executives should consider how a robust cloud management platform can provide the critical capabilities that can help companies accelerate their transformation into a cloud-first, truly digital business—one that’s ready to unleash some disruption of its own.

Digital transformation target platforms:

  • Serve as a solid foundation for companies that are reorganizing around strategic new digital products and services.

  • Provide established public cloud primary technologies—including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS—and secondary higher-order cloud services, such as e-commerce, subscriptions, and open APIs that provide critical support for digital business models.

  • Include capabilities, such as industry accelerators, digital business reference models/blueprints, low code support, business models-in-a-box, design thinking, and migration tools and services, which are key to enabling digital transformation from a combined technology and business perspective.

The Constellation Shortlist for Digital Transformation Target Platforms™ lists Accenture Cloud Platform as meeting all the criteria that companies should look for when considering using a platform. Out of the more than 30 platforms evaluated, Accenture Cloud Platform is one of those that rose to the top as it provides all the foundational capabilities a company needs to use the cloud today to drive enterprise and digital transformation and capitalize on innovation.

ACP incorporates many of the key technologies likely to fuel business growth over the next five to 10 years, such as next-generation mobility, advanced analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), cognitive technologies, blockchain, APIs/microservices, and natural language interfaces. And, importantly, it can support the largest, most complex global companies, giving them a single scalable, secure, and compliant solution they can use anywhere in the world.

Accenture helps fuel the journey to cloud

Accenture is recognized as a key ecosystem partner for SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, Workday, AWS, Google, ServiceNow, and Pega—and has been working in the cloud for more than a decade. Our "digital transformation target platform", ACP, enables organizations to manage their public and private enterprise cloud resources from a centralized control plane. Delivered as-a-Service, ACP integrates with technology from the leading cloud providers to help companies improve their operations, maintain security, control costs, and ensure governance across their growing cloud estates.

ACP reflects Accenture’s ongoing commitment over more than a decade to building innovative platforms and managed services that future-proof our clients’ investment in cloud. In fact, Accenture holds more than 200 granted patents and pending applications across its global cloud portfolio. The latest of these is for ACP’s new analytics-based, multi-cloud tagging capabilities, which enable a company to tag assets throughout its entire environment, regardless of which or how many cloud providers it uses. In turn, the company can gain visibility into who’s using which cloud assets, understand how they are being used, and why. Such visibility is critical for effectively managing total cloud spend, as well as deploying standard policies and controls across these assets.

Learn more about Accenture Cloud services and partners and the Accenture Cloud Platform and how one company used it to build real-time operations.

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