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February 04, 2014
Cloud helps life sciences deliver the outcomes that matter most
By: Anne O'Riordan

In a recent Accenture survey of 9,000 adults to assess consumer perceptions of their medical providers’ electronic capabilities across nine countries, more than half of US respondents said they self-track their health information, including health history and physical activity. This considerable number indicates that people are taking greater control over monitoring and managing their health. This new era provides an incredible opportunity for life sciences companies to engage much more directly and deeply with the patients they serve.

So how can the industry adapt to these changes? Fortunately, the advent of the cloud is helping life sciences companies accelerate their ability to track, understand and address patient and customer needs across the healthcare landscape.

Giving customers with what they want
Life sciences companies that integrate cloud into their sales and marketing activities have the power to provide their target customers with:

  • A seamless customer experience. The cloud can enable companies to quickly establish, integrate and manage new and traditional channels to provide the seamless, quality experiences that physicians and patients want and expect.

  • Customized information through channels that meet their needs. Cloud-based solutions can help companies serve their customers in local markets in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner by leveraging global content, campaigns and messaging and tailoring them to local markets in ways that are proven to be most impactful in those specific regions.

  • Innovative services. Using next-generation cloud-based capabilities, life sciences companies can seize new opportunities to better serve their customers. Imagine a world where you could measure the adherence of customers to the campaign and determine the effectiveness. Imagine if you could pay all your healthcare customers quickly, securely and with full transparency. Cloud is making all this possible.

Cloud—the power to drastically change industry relationships
We live in exciting times for our industry. There are many new applications that are completely changing the way life sciences companies interact with their physicians and patients. Accenture’s Customer Engagement Portal, for example, is helping pharmaceutical and medical technology companies educate healthcare professionals on new products or initiatives by allowing them to order samples, submit medical inquiries and easily retrieve medical information—fostering transparency and collaboration between product manufacturers and healthcare professionals. Our Patient-Centric Hub is enabling life sciences companies to deliver more personalized solutions and gives patients the opportunity to collaborate with other patients in one location.

The opportunities the cloud offers to better collaborate and serve patients is just beginning to be tapped. For those life sciences companies who are already using and/or Veeva, they already have access to many of the cloud technologies that can make this happen.

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