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April 02, 2018
AWS for Microsoft Workload Migration
By: Chris Scott

For many businesses Microsoft workloads on AWS will play a critical part in their application modernization strategies. There are a number of key drivers behind application modernization. These include the need to move away from legacy software, take advantage of new more agile application lifecycle management methodologies, support increased demand driven by new applications (eg mobile, IoT, AI, Big Data) and power new product launches.

Many clients we have worked with are seeking to modernize their application portfolio by migrating applications to the cloud as part of their technology transformations. Specifically, this can include .NET applications and other Microsoft workloads to reap the benefits of cloud-based economics and the AWS cloud’s licensing models.

As part of Accenture’s transformation efforts with our clients, we are modernizing applications and other Microsoft workloads in the AWS cloud environment. Accenture has worked with many enterprise-scale companies on large-scale programs that require extensive modernization and migration of Microsoft workloads. These have included .NET applications, SQL Server Databases, Active Directory, productivity workstations, and business-critical applications that run on Microsoft Operating Systems.

For example, Capital One Investing undertook a broad transformation program to go all-in on AWS Cloud, including exiting their legacy data centers. The payoff represented potentially millions in savings to the client from the move. As part of this work, Accenture helped migrate more than 40 mission critical applications, most of which were legacy .NET applications. To ensure that these applications were able to integrate into the new environment and realize the total value of the move, Accenture modernized and remediated these applications for their new environment.

In another example, we are helping a leading energy utility migrate more than 500 servers supporting MS enterprise applications using AWS EC2. As well as moving and updating these enterprise applications, we’re migrating SQL Server instances currently on virtual machines over to RDS on AWS. We have moved and successfully run these on AWS EC2 as multi-tier, multi environment repositories. By moving to this environment, we’re driving support costs down and giving users more uptime thanks to the increased availability provided by a platform.

As part of Accenture’s transformation efforts with our clients, we are modernizing applications and other Microsoft workloads in the AWS cloud environment.


We have worked with many clients, across industries, including the largest Financial Services clients to address technical debt, such as remediating unsupported platforms like Windows 2000 and 2003. We have modernized and migrated many clients to Windows 2008 and 2012.

These modernizations and greenfield application builds on AWS utilize the Microsoft platform which is strategic to many of our client’s technology estates. AWS provides an ideal platform for Microsoft solutions to provide reduced cost of ownership, flexibility, enhanced agility, performance, and further transformation and innovation.

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