October 08, 2015
I read the re:Invent news today, oh boy. Let's kick cloud waste into the can.
By: Rodrigo Flores

A good newspaper, like a good mind, is a terrible thing to waste.

That’s right, I’m talking about our crinkly, old friend that so long ago would leave ink on our fingers, before we dropped it like, well, yesterday’s news and jumped into this 21st century screenapalooza. Stay with me here, kids, because there is a point.

With AWS re:Invent 2015 its full Vegas throes, I’m reminded of an image that sticks in my mind from a previous life calling on Wall Street clients in New York 20 years or so ago.

In the well-appointed office lobbies of these big banks and brokers, I would often see multiple copies of the Wall Street Journal just sitting on coffee tables, lonely and unopened and, likely, just tossed in the trash at the end of the day. Why?

Generally speaking, cloud computing and IT services are in a similar state these days. There's little visibility on subscriptions, and, as a result, no small amount of potential waste. Many CIOs and other business leaders surely know this and are loathe to pay for things they don’t need or use. They’re rightly concerned about cloud spending.

Still, there’s a lot of money being left on the table: thousands, if not millions, of dollars that could be applied toward product development, hiring new employees or other efforts to stay competitive in a fast-moving digital business world.

With our new Accenture Cloud Platform, which we announced Oct. 6, we feel we’re tackling the capacity question head-on. We’re particularly proud of how the platform provides the tools to achieve greater cost efficiency and IT optimization. Ultimately, that shows up on the bottom line.

The way we get our news, like a lot of things, has changed greatly over the past couple decades. But money is still money. As you map out your cloud path, remember, the bill comes every month anyway. To borrow an economist term, the cloud is “elastic;” my wallet is not.

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