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September 17, 2019
Are you ready for what’s next in Applied Intelligence with the Accenture Google Cloud Business Group?
By: Ajit Thomas and Arnab Chakraborty

The future of Applied Intelligence—is upon us, and the epicenter for what’s next in AI is the just-opened Accenture Applied Intelligence Studio in San Francisco. This is where new ideas and concepts become real AI innovations that solve real client problems. Accenture and our ecosystem partner, Google Cloud, are at the heart of this exciting venture.

The Applied Intelligence Studio was launched with a special event on August 22, "Applied Intelligence Summer Conclave". There, Google Cloud leadership, clients, and Accenture presenters spoke on a variety of cutting-edge AI topics such as:

  • A client AI transformation story

  • Innovating in AI with the Accenture ecosystem

  • Applied Intelligence in different industries

  • The war for AI talent and diversity

  • An AI start-up venture partner panel

  • Mindfulness in digital times

At the Accenture Applied Intelligence Studio, the Accenture Google Cloud Business Group (AGBG) is ready to help our clients realize the power of AI and how their organizations can take advantage of everything this center of innovation has to offer. From conceptualizing how to apply AI to specific operations within your enterprise, to rapidly launching prototypes and real-world pilots, we’ll help you explore opportunities and outcomes that prove the value of AI for your business.

At the Studio we bring together the right mix of data scientists, ML engineers, artists, and technologists, empowered by the latest tools, data sets, and AI platforms under one roof. And with Google Cloud, we’ve stood up a showcase that provides clients with access to the latest and greatest Google Cloud hardware and software, along with the power of the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. With AI from Accenture and Google Cloud, the infrastructure scale is massive, the capabilities are broad and deep, the possibilities boundless.

So, are you ready for what’s next in Applied Intelligence? Working with the Accenture Google Cloud Business Group and Applied Intelligence Studio, you will be. For more information, please contact

Accenture and Google Cloud AI teams at the San Francisco Applied Intelligence Studio Launch


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